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We’ve seen the movies or heard of people who stand up for what they believe in even though it’s not the popular thing to do. In most cases, it takes courage and heart, and as a result, most are viewed as a hero for such.

Let’s just say lone Republican Representative for Wyoming, Liz Cheney, is not one of those souls.

Yes, she seemingly stood up for what she said she thinks is best and against the masses in her party who support former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial.

However, in doing so, she went against her own. And no, I don’t just mean her party. While it can be frowned upon, politicians are not meant to wholly political, always choosing one side over the other.

Instead, they are supposed to be a voice for those back at home in their home states. I mean, her title is “Representative,” – meaning she is to represent her state. And yet, that is who Cheney ignored and defied.

And as you can imagine, this isn’t sitting too well with the people back home.

For starters, it’s making people at home stand up and voice concerns about Cheney continuing her role in state and national legislature. The state’s GOP has already reprimanded her.

But now, it seems she’s getting some rather severe competition.

As I briefly mentioned, Wyoming only has one seat in the House of Representatives, and Cheney has been in it for three terms now. As the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and a popular man in Washington, she was basically a shoo-in for the position with few who could offer her much in the way of opposition.

But after the impeachment and her recent siding with the Democrats, that seems to no longer be the case.

One such opponent is state Representative Chuck Gray.

He told Just The News recently that it’s past time for Wyoming state voters to “Get rid of Liz Cheney.”

Gray said, “It is abundantly clear to those of us who actually live in Wyoming that Liz Cheney views her positions as nothing more than a stepping stone, and we’re just supposed to go along with it. Well, not anymore. Wyoming agrees with President Trump… it’s time to get rid of Liz Cheney.”

He goes on to state that his “proven record of leadership for the people of Wyoming is the polar opposite of hers.” And that’s why he’s decided to announce his run for her seat.

And he has no qualms about attacking Cheney, as he proves in a recent ad.

But Gray isn’t Cheney’s only competitor.

If he’s to win the GOP nomination for the seat, he’ll also have to go against Wyoming state Senator Anthony Bouchard.

And Bouchard is no stranger to taking on the likes of Cheney, and rather ruthlessly.

He recently wrote in a campaign email, “Our country is on the line. Weak-kneed Deep-state’ Republicans’ like Liz Cheney and her fellow pro-impeachment pal Mitt Romney won’t save this country.”

And according to a recently conducted poll in the state by known Trump pollster John McLaughlin, Bouchard isn’t the only one who thinks so. As the Casper Star-Tribune reports, Cheney is currently far behind Bouchard when it comes to being the favorite in her state, 54-21.

Although, it shouldn’t be all that shocking, really.

In the 2020 presidential election, Trump won the state with 69.9 percent of the vote, leaving only 26.6 percent for Biden. According to The New York Times, that’s Trump’s largest win for any state. And yet, Cheney voted against Trump when it came to his impeachment.

She had to know her state favored Trump and what they wanted her to voice for them in Washington. But she did the exact opposite.

And according to Cowboy State Daily journalist Bill Sniffin, that makes her “beatable” in 2022. He wrote recently, “If you had asked me three weeks ago if U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney was beatable in her quest for the reelection in 2022, I would have said ‘no way.’ Today, the landscape has shifted. Former President Donald Trump has retaken charge of the national Republican Party.”

And that doesn’t bode well for Cheney.