By now, I’m sure you have heard that the 2020 election is winding down. Results are being confirmed and certified in many states that have been recently contested, and recounts are pretty much complete.

But that doesn’t mean the drama is ending.

While legal battles are ending and it begins to look like a definite Biden win, some people prove that they won’t ever really be happy.

You know, people like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer.

The Great Lake State’s dictator-like leader should be reasonably content at the moment. Her party has won, at least in the White House. And while the House experienced significant losses, it still retains its control over the lower house.

And yet, Whitmer has not shockingly found something to complain about.

Due to the numerous legal battles and hesitation to confirm election results in Michigan, President Donald Trump invited several members of the Republican Party leadership in the state to join him in Washington to discuss the election and its possible results. Naturally, the top two heads of state were named: Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield.

The idea was to simply discuss where the voting stood at the time and if anyone thought there were any irregularities or alleged misconduct going on that should be addressed. In particular, the vote in Wayne County, where two canvassing board members wanted to rescind their certification vote, would be discussed.

While it’s an unusual move, to be sure, nothing about this election is all that typical.

However, Whitmer made sure to note the unusualness of it when she made an appearance on “All In With Chris Hayes” on MSNBC Thursday. In addition, she hinted that she was acutely offended that she didn’t get an invite to the party.

Now, you’d think as a leading Democrat and one who has been at odds with Trump for some time, she wouldn’t care one wit if she didn’t have to spend time with a leader she couldn’t wait to be rid of.

But as it turns out, Whitmer is really all about how much attention she gets, or at least how much she thinks she deserves.

Tell me if this sounds even remotely jealous to you.

“I think it’s really dangerous, to be honest, the fact that our two highest-ranking Republicans in the legislature are going to the White House. They’re being summoned there by a president who lost the state, and I wasn’t invited to the meeting. I have not been briefed on what they’re to cover, but we’re all assuming he will try to implore them the way he did these county canvassers to do whatever he can to not certify the will of the people of Michigan. I think it’s incredibly dangerous they’re even entertaining the conversation.”

On second thought, I believe I sense more her wishing to control the situation than anything else, which I guess still qualifies as jealousy, just of a different kind.

But then she even tried to suggest that the whole thing might be a bit racist of Trump and the GOP, as they would decidedly be talking about the vote in Wayne County, the home of Detroit, in particular.

“We all know what the law is in Michigan. This is an embarrassment to the state, and its effort to disenfranchise the most populous county in our state, which by the way, is the country that is home to the most largest African-American part of our population.”

And as it turns out, she didn’t even have any reason to be worried.

Yes, Trump invited these two party leaders to discuss with him what could be done to change the outcome of the election, possibly. But they weren’t talking about fudging numbers or making something up. And both Shirkey and Chatfield said as much about their meeting.

In a statement about the review of the state’s election, they stated, “The candidates who win the most votes win elections and Michigan’s electoral votes. We have not yet been made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan and, as legislative leaders, we will follow the law and follow the normal process regarding Michigan’s electors, just as we have said throughout this election.”

Rather than pointing out any inconsistencies with Trump’s behavior or even wrongs done, it seems all her whining has accomplished is to prove just how much of a control freak she is. Of course, we all knew that already.