The vaccine has arrived… According to the political left and their propaganda wing (aka mainstream media), it’s supposed to be the most fantastic news of the year or at least of the last ten months. I mean, if Trump is really killing people off by allowing the novel COVID-19 virus to first make its way into the US and then flourish, this should be his undoing.

So why is it then that so few people are willing to take it?

It should come as no shock that Trump fans, even though he will be president credited with the vaccine, aren’t lining up to take it. After all, if they are anything like the president, they aren’t all that afraid of the virus in the first place.

But what is surprising is that a vast number of those refusing to get the vaccine are found in the medical industry – and, in particular, work in nursing homes and other long care facilities, where the worst of the virus has been witnessed on a near-daily basis.

According to the Wall Street Journal and chief executive of the National Association of Health Care Assistants, Lori Porter, as many as 72 percent of all certified nursing assistants are currently refusing to get the newly approved and distributed vaccines.

Porter says, “A lot of my CNAs, their responses have been, ‘No one cares about old people and no one cares about us and we don’t intend to be guinea pigs.'”

Like many throughout the nation, they are simply not confident enough in the supposed science that has gone into the vaccine. And for good reason.

Most diseases and viruses take years, if not decades, before a viable vaccine or solution is found. And even then, there are generally years of trials, recorded data, and traced side effects before it is put on the market for the general public.

With COVID-19, however, all of it happened in a matter of just a few months.

And while that’s seemingly good news for our citizens’ health, there is still much we don’t know and won’t for some time now.

CAN Zenobia Carden has seen a number of elderly COVID patients die in the last few months and witnessed firsthand the horrors that have been attributed to the disease. And yet, when offered the vaccine recently, she admitted that she was more afraid of it than the virus.

She told WSJ, “I’m scared. It takes years to come out with a vaccine, and for them to come out with it this quickly – I don’t trust it.”

And she isn’t the only one.

Per the Ohio Capital Journal, who recently reported on concerns from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, “60% of Ohio nursing home staff (are) refusing covid vaccines.” According to the LA Times, numbers are similar in other states, such as Maine and even the liberal California.

It seems that CNAs and others are hesitant about taking the vaccine because it appears to be based more on politics than on actual science.

I mean, for months and months now, the political left has been touting at every turn that things like social distancing, mask mandates, lockdowns, and more are the result of science telling them that they work. And yet, when it comes right down to it, those that have some of the loudest voices for these measures of supposed health safety are the ones who have ignored it the most.

Not only have left-leaning politicians after hypocritical lawmakers broken their own rules, but they have allowed countless others who support their agendas to do the same. While closing down entire states for commerce and business, they have permitted protest after not-so-peaceful “demonstration” to continue without consequence or even a reprimand.

In addition, when the vaccine became available, the left pushed for race or government importance instead of need to be why some got it before others.

Suffice it to say that the whatever credibility “science” and the government had has quickly been soured by their inconsistency and hypocrisy.

Now, I’m not saying the vaccine won’t work. It could effectively save thousands of lives, as science has declared it will.

But for now, it seems the medical industry, or at least those not at the bottom of the totem pole, are vastly mistrusting and have every right to be. And if they are, we should probably be too.