If you are from anywhere other than Virginia, the latest news bits to be heard from the history-filled state has likely been a series on state leadership has taken a keen liking in recent months and years to gun control. And by gun control, I mean a complete abolition of our Second Amendment rights.

And so it should be no surprise to you that the rights of the people have once again been thrown in the trash in favor of more liberal and fear-filled agendas. It should also not surprise you that the reasoning for such is that same that has ruled states all across the nation since, oh, about March.

That’s right: COVID-19.

This week was supposed to host the happy event that is the Nation’s Gun Show. Now, if you have never been to a gun show, let me tell you a few things. Firstly, you are missing out. Seriously.

And secondly, this is nothing like going to your typical gun shop where firearms are sold. To say that would pretty much be like calling Sam’s Club a grocery store. It’s so much more than that – guns, ammunition of all kinds, and pretty much anything gun-related is sold en masse.

It’s an experience, to be sure.

But for the people near Chantilly, Virginia, this event has officially been canceled, per the attorney general’s orders.

According to WTOP-FM, the Nation’s Gun Show was set to begin on Friday at the Dulles Expo Center, which boasts 130,000 square feet for gun enthusiasts and outdoor merchants to sell their wares to the public.

To put this into perspective for you, the organizers noted on their website that “the Walmart beside us is an 80,000 sq ft. building, we are 50,000 sq ft bigger. The Walmart beside us has one giant aisle and all the rest of the aisles are an average of 6ft or less (which, if you’ve ever shopped at a Walmart, you will know this is pretty typical.) We have wider aisles, 14 ft average, so we have more space to social distance.”

In addition, the website noted that masks would be worn and usual COVIC requirements followed. Plus, the gun show’s organizers said that they would “self-imposing a 50% occupancy limit” to err on the side of caution.

But, as usual, this wasn’t good enough for liberals and anti-Americans such as Democratic Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring. Herring and the state went to court over allowing the gun show to allow any more than 250 people into the event. According to him, the exposition center should be treated as an entertainment venue and a brick and mortar retail.

Just as they should, the gun show argued that this last-minute order wasn’t fair or at all realistic to what the gun show was. It is tables upon tables and booths set up to sell items, not a rodeo or a circus. They said, “We have… had two shows already and have not been a super spreader. All we ask is that we are allowed to operate on the same type of business model and at the same level as the Walmart across the road.”

But Herring wouldn’t budge. He argued, saying that the show “would most certainly become a super spreader event and could infect hundreds if not thousands of Virginians with COVID.”

And that fear was all it took for Judge Brett Kassabian to rule in favor of Herring and the state. While he said that he sympathized with the vendors who could lose millions by cutting the show down to such dismal numbers, “to allow thousands of people to roam unchecked in the throes of the worst pandemic in 100 years is not in the public interest.”

But the most interesting fact in all of this is that, after Herring won the case, he bragged about it, boasting that he had “successfully BLOCKED” Americans from participating in their Second Amendment rights.

And that just proves this was never about COVID. It’s about control. The left is so scared of not having it, they are willing to concoct half-baked ideas and lies, all to keep Americans from having access to the tools that keep us free.

Tell me I’m wrong. If this were anything other than a gun show, do you think Herring would have cared? I don’t know, say, a celebration by the thousands for Biden or a BLM march? Absolutely not.