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With the novel coronavirus still on the loose and causing what is being called a second wave, many leaders both locally and on a state level are considering locking things down again.

Quite naturally for most, this also includes closing down schools again to presumably take the nation’s children out of harm’s way.

However, this may not be such a sound decision. In fact, according to most studies both here and throughout the world, it’s a horrible idea.

First of all, if we are listening and following “science,” as the political left would love to say that President Trump is not, then we have to admit that COVID -19 has little to no effect on children, especially those of younger ages.

Now that isn’t to say that children cannot and do get the virus. They most certainly can. However, it is a rather rare occurrence. And when they do, they do not typically portray the symptoms most adults do, if they have any symptoms at all.

Furthermore, studies prove that children rarely transmit the disease to other children or adults. In fact, in most cases, when a child tests positive, it is because of having close contact with a COVID positive adult and not another child.

But that’s not even the half of it.

Along with children not being able to get it as easily, neither it seems are the adults who are typically around children, according to a study by the American Institute for Economic Research.

The study concluded, “Overall our findings suggest that on a population level transmission from school-age children does not result in an increased risk of serious outcomes among adults they live with.” And the same could be said of adults who work with children on a regular basis.

The theory is that, as I am sure you are well aware, school-age children are not the cleanest individuals, nor do they have the proper mannerisms to prevent the spread of germs. As such, they are essentially little germ factories, continuously spreading all kinds of bacteria and whatnot from place to place.

And while that may sound gross and even frightening to some, it has been scientifically proven to improve nearly anyone’s immune system, who often come into contact with them. Parents, teachers, and even grandparents who are regularly in contact with children, by and large, have far better immune systems than those who don’t experience children often.

Basically, all those germs continually attacking your body teaches it to be on the defense and fight back. And so it does, even against things like COVID.

This means that just like a recent UK study concludes, having schools open and being in close contact with children isn’t a factor in COVID transmission. The study is titled “Association between living with children and outcomes from COVID-19: an OpenSAFELY cohort study of 12 million adults in England.”

And further study on the subject proves that not only is closing schools down having little to no effect on the number of COVID cases and deaths, but it’s actually doing more harm than good.

Remember when I said that teachers get a boost to their immune system from children just like parents? Well, what do you think happens when suddenly all those germs become non-existent because children are no longer in their lives? The body, no longer having a reason to be on the defense, becomes more susceptible to disease and bacteria.

And don’t even get me started on what children not being in school does to the home life or a child’s disposition.

Plus, it isn’t proven that online learning for many children is doing any sort of good. Vast numbers of reports show that kids everywhere are not only not learning what they need to move on or be ready for the next grade but that thousands don’t even show up for the online classes.

And when it comes to children with special needs, the problems only intensify.

Unlike so many Democrats seem to be screaming, opening schools and giving our children a real chance at success isn’t killing off anyone or even getting them sick. But closing them most certainly is.