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For the political left, President Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall at our southern border in 2015 when he was campaigning was just another in a long list of reasons why he would never succeed as our nation’s leader.

Trump promised Americans that he would fix our immigration issues not only by changing policies but by building a wall that would make it nearly impossible for the millions who used to cross into our nation illegally to do so. And while it was a challenging project, to be sure, he vowed to have a whopping 450 miles of the wall constructed by the end of 2020 and his first term.

And here we are, four years later, and his promise has officially been kept.

 Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan announced on Monday via Twitter, “I’m proud to announce that we met our goal of constructing 450 miles of border wall system by the end of 2020. I am extremely proud of the men and women of @CBP and @USACEHQ who helped us get to this important milestone.”

Morgan told Fox News that the milestone had been noted as accomplished on December 31. He said, “We were challenged, and a lot of people didn’t think we were going to be able to get it done.”

But they did.

In January 2020, it was noted that only 100 miles of the wall were finished, making the odds of completing this milestone by year-end not so great. But as Trump is a man of his word and not one to quit simply because things get tough, he and his staff pushed full steam ahead, building a whopping 350 miles of the wall in just a year.

And the nation is safer for it.

Morgan added pictures of the newly constructed wall to his Twitter account, confirming that sentiment. “From Texas to California, our country is safer and more secure with the border wall system.”

Of course, that’s not what the political left believes – quite the opposite, in fact.

According to progressives, the wall is another sign that Trump is not for the growth and diversity this country is known for. To them, it’s proof that he is racist.

And as such, they have filed lawsuit after lawsuit against Trump and the federal government to have the project nixed or at least abandoned. However, none have succeeded.

The worry for many conservatives and Republicans now, with Biden to soon take the White House, is that the wall project will be destroyed. However, that’s unlikely to happen – firstly because Biden has said as much.

During his campaign and even in more recent conversations, the dementia prone man has said that he will not tear down what has been already built. After all, one would imagine it wouldn’t be a good look for any sitting president to effectively tear down and destroy the work that billions of US tax dollars put to good use.

He has, however, vowed that he would stop construction of it as soon as possible, opting for the use of a “high-tech virtual wall” instead. Biden said in one statement on the issue in August, “There will not be another foot of the wall constructed in my administration.”

But Morgan says that stopping such construction will be almost as complicated for Biden as it was for CBP to build all 450 miles of the wall.

According to him and others, Congress recently passed, and Trump signed into effect another $1.375 billion earmarked for border wall construction alone. This would make it possible for another 350 miles to be built in the near future. In addition, the contracts for the work that money will fund have already been given.

So, essentially, it’s a done deal. The money has been given and spent already. And there’s nearly no amount of work that can be done to undo that fact.

Morgan says, “So in addition to the 450 that we’ve already go on the ground, we’ve got funded 350 miles of wall system to go in the ground. The overwhelming amount of those miles, that funding, the contracts have already been awarded.”

So it looks as though Trump will have successfully built 800 miles of the controversial border wall system, and nearly half of that will be done under Biden’s administration.

Biden’s going to have to eat his words on that one…