As you well know, the last six months have quite possibly put out one of the most incredible medical finds of the modern era, with the development and distribution of not one but several COVID-19 vaccines. No one expected such success.

In fact, when then-President Donald Trump first announced the creation of ‘Operation Warp Speed,’ his task force created solely to find and develop a vaccine for the novel disease seemingly taking over our nation, he was pretty much laughed at.

News media outlets from all over criticize his optimism, and those such as NBC even put out “fact check” articles that seemed to prove Trump’s plans were all but possible.

And yet, thanks to modern technology and his administration working side by side with pharmaceutical companies, a viable vaccine was found in mid-December, mere months after Operation Warp Speed began. And shortly afterward, several more were found.

But now, several more months later, that same technology used to find the COVID vaccines has just discovered a potential vaccination for HIV.

In February, a nonprofit drug developer known as IAVI released preliminary results that suggest a viable vaccine for HIV, or at the least, the most effective one to date has been found, according to Fortune.

And as more medical and scientific experts find out about it, the potential vaccine is gaining quite a bit of attention.

Health activist Dr. Ayoade Alakija tweeted last week, “New HIV vaccine with a 97% antibody response rate in phase I human trials. This is the most effective trial HIV vaccine to date. It is based on the Moderna’s COVID vaccine.”

And she added, thanks to “COVID tech acceleration… Rx for cancer & HIV,” could change a lot in the near future.

Now, forgive me, but “COVID tech acceleration” sounds an awful lot like Trump’s Operation Warp Speed – at least it does to me.

Of course, Dr. Alakija’s Twitter account describes her as an “activist for social justice,” which means she is likely a little more left-leaning than some and, therefore, isn’t about to draw connections between the man the left loves to hate (Donald Trump) and medical/scientific advances.

Trump’s name will never be mentioned in connection with this discovery or any other. It wasn’t then, you know, back in September when Operation Warp Speed was announced, nor even in December when the first vaccine was introduced to the public.

Instead, we had Democratic politicians actually warning against any vaccine, as long as it was developed and produced under the Trump administration. Even then-candidate Joe Biden said such a vaccine shouldn’t be trusted.

According to Reuters, he told the American people, “Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientist, but I don’t Donald Trump.” And he added, “At this moment, the American people can’t either.”

Yet, when Biden was officially placed in the White House, he didn’t seem to have any problem accepting the same vaccine and claiming that it was due, in part, to his administration and not Trump’s. In addition, Biden took on the same exact distribution schedule and rollout plan for the vaccine, acting as if his staff and able mind put together such plans.

But that doesn’t mean we have to believe him.

We all know the truth. Without Trump’s continued push for a vaccine to be found and in record time, we wouldn’t have a medical solution to COVID or this new and exciting find.

According to Fortune, the potential HIV solution is still in its most early phases, with lots of work to be done before it can be deemed a viable vaccine. However, as with the COVID vaccines, it offers hope that progress is being made to save more and more lives. IAVI plans to work alongside pharmaceuticals using mRNA to “significantly accelerate the pace of HIV vaccine development.

And BioMed Central says the same tech being used to develop this vaccine, known as mRNA, could “become a promising platform for cancer immunotherapy,” as well.

Not that the political left will ever admit as much, but it looks as though Trump and his administration could be to thank for a great many medical advancements in the future.