Now-former President Donald Trump has been the undisputed enemy #1 of the far left for about as long as it was possible that he could hold some kind of public office. But with him officially out of office, we had hoped that their constant obsession and hatred for him would evaporate, or at the very least die down a bit.

However, that doesn’t seem to be happening. In fact, even though Trump is no longer serving our nation in any capacity and yet still facing another impeachment trial, it seems no amount of mistreatment or ridicule is too much.

So what are they trying now?

Well, to get him evicted from his home, of course.

Per a report from Fox News, his neighbors in Palm Beach, Florida, have filed legal action against Trump to have him formally evicted from his home at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in the area. The city’s town manager, Kirk Blouin, told the outlet on Monday, “Our town attorney, John Randolph, is reviewing the Declaration of Use and Agreement and our Code of Ordinances to determine if former President Trump can live at Mar-a-Lago.”

The resort has been the Trump family’s permanent residence since 2019 when they decided to leave Manhattan due to unfair treatment by local government officials such as NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and the ever-rising high taxes.

However, apparently making a forever home or really any kind of home out of the Trump residence on the gold resort violates a few agreements.

When Trump acquired the property that was once the home and private residence of cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and her husband and converted it into what it is today, some regulations had to be agreed to the city of Palm Beach.

In particular, one states that no Mar-a-Lago guest can stay longer than 21 days in one year’s time and never for more than a week at one time. According to his neighbors and a report from the Washington Post, Trump has violated this rule himself this past year by spending a total of 130 days during 30 visits to his Florida home.

Another agreement says that if Mar-a-Lago were ever to be used for “any purpose other than club use,” such as home or permanent residence, Trump would “forever” lose his rights to the club’s ability to benefit from the nonprofit National Trust for Historic Preservation.

And so, of course, the liberal elites of Palm Beach have filed for legal action.

Word was sent via one of the town’s attorneys via a letter on December 15 that Trump could “avoid an embarrassing situation” if he were to simply comply. If not, he would be evicted.

So basically, they are going after him and his family based on a minor technicality.

Can you imagine someone taking letters of this nature to former President Barack Obama and Michelle? I dare say not. The media and progressive left would quite literally have their heads.

But for Trump, this is more than ok.

In fact, based on the left’s reaction on social media, they can’t wait for Trump and his belongings to be kicked to the curb of yet another White House.

Of course, avid Trump-hater and has-been actress Bette Midler was among the loudest of those voices.

She tweeted on Friday, “The town of #PalmBeach is legally reviewing Don’s use of Mar-a-Lago as his permanent residence. I hope they hurry. It would be really fun to see him get kicked out of two houses in the same month.”

And, there were plenty of others who agreed with her.

However, they fail to realize several things – or they just don’t care.

First of all, knowing Trump, he’s not going to simply roll over on this. He’ll fight it until it’s apparent there’s no way he can win.

And secondly, Trump is a mega-millionaire and one of the most successful businessmen in the US and the world. Even if he is evicted, there’s no chance that he won’t be able to find another home for his family to reside in. Hell, he already has quite a few, including one in St. Martin.

This is just another attempt to have Trump publicly shamed and humiliated as if what he’s been through the last five years hasn’t been enough.

The political left officially has no shame…