For many Americans, the election of Joe Biden to the White House was and still is seen a not-so-great thing. For four wonderful years, we were finally starting to see America return to greatness, and now, with the incoming a more progressive and socialist leader, it seems all that is quickly being flushed down the drain.

We are nervous about what the future holds and are not exactly excited about the fight we will have to put up to keep our freedoms.

However, for one former official and top adviser to Ronald Reagan, Biden’s presidency will be good for America.

No, he’s not a liberal and not of the mind that Biden is making wise decisions for our nation or our future. Instead, he says that Biden’s administration will prove to just about everyone that the progressive line of thinking doesn’t work and should be forgotten. And that’s precisely why he thinks Biden will be the last progressive or left-leaning leader in America for some time.

Meet Donald Devine, who formerly directed the Office of Personnel Management under Reagan, as well became a government professor at the University of Maryland.

Devine recently told The Western Journal that Biden’s presidency is an opportunity for conservatives to prove to the world our capitalistic and Judeo-Christian values will outperform progressive ones every time.

He said, “I think in some ways this (new administration) is a great thing for conservatives because it’s clear that President Biden and (with Democrats in) control of both houses of Congress, they are going to do pretty much everything they want to do over the next couple of years.”

And it’s going to show Americans that what they want isn’t going to work in the United States.

As he explains in his book, “The Enduring Tension: Capitalism and the Moral Order,” the values and standards our nation was built on have proven that they work, and in contrast, the reliance on big government and a corrupt bureaucratic state has failed all too often.

Take the Obama/Biden administration, for example.

The Democratic pair continued what those before them had started, beginning with Woodrow Wilson and followed by those such as Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Each moved our nation further to the left and further down the progressive road. By the end of Johnson’s tenure, unemployment was at a high of 10.8 percent, and the economy was not in a good state.

With his conservative ideas and capitalist-driven policies, Reagan turned all that around, creating the largest peacetime expansion since World War II. He created over 18 million new jobs, slashed taxes, cut regulation on businesses, and brokered trade deals that made America prosperous.

In contrast, the Obama/Biden admin did pretty much the opposite and yet claimed they had overcome the greatest recession in the modern era. By the end of Obama’s tenure, unemployment was back down to 10 percent. They had created only 11.6 million new jobs in eight years and in a time when there were about 80 million more people alive than in Reagan’s time.

The nation caught a breather for a while during Trump’s term in the White House, with unemployment dropping to a mere 3.5 percent (a 50-year record low), more money in every American pocket than ever before, and smart trade deals created more independence and wealth for the United States.

Of course, those gains were greatly diminished by the novel COVID pandemic, which allowed unemployment to rise to a whopping 14.8 percent in April 2020 and cause nationwide economic stresses. However, even then, Trump followed in Reagan’s footsteps and was able to bring back success to America.

By the end of his first and only term thus far, unemployment was back down to 6.3 percent, and the economy was rebounding quickly.

And yet, Biden has already made it clear that he will be taking us back to ways of Johnson and Obama, no matter that for most of us, the better of the two options seems abundantly clear.

But Devine says that Biden’s insistence on doing this will only make that choice clearer.

“I think it’s going to be absolutely clear to everybody in two – and certainly in the four years – that this whole progressive solution to the problem doesn’t work. They tried this for almost a century now. And I think what we’re witnessing now is the end of an era. We’re seeing the end of the progressive reforms …”

This is the time for conservatives to stand up and show why capitalism and the type of democracy our founding fathers built are the only way to go. Luckily, Biden’s moves in the opposite direction will make that job pretty easy.