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It’s a secret to no one at this point that the Democrats did an excellent job of rigging the 2020 presidential election. Even most of their party admits there were far too many problems and irregularities for the people’s voice to be accurately heard.

However, they got what they wanted. Biden is in the White House, and both the Senate and the House of Representatives are under the control of the Democratic Party.

The only problem for them is the reasons why last year’s election was so chaotic and off kelter was due to the novelty and dangerousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the dangers of that disease, what with a viable vaccine now available to most Americans, are waning rather quickly.

And that means next year, and in 2024, they won’t have any excuses for the mass cheating going on.

Or will they?

Enter the For the People Act of 2021, also known as H. R. 1.

It may have a very democracy-driven name, but as you’ll quickly see, it is anything but “for the people.” In fact, it would essentially relegate their voices into one jumbled mess fraught with fraud, lies, and heavy contamination from the ruling party. And, of course, that ruling party is that of the Democrats.

According to conservative attorneys general from 20 different states, “It is difficult to imagine a legislative proposal more threatening to election integrity and voter confidence.”

If passed, the bill “would (among other things) implement nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred during the 2020 election; go even further in eroding and eliminating basic security protocols; and interfere with the ability of states and their citizens to determine the qualifications and eligibility of voter, ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls, secure the fairness and integrity of elections, and participate and speak freely in the political process.”

This brief analysis of the bill was given by Heritage Foundation after the bill was passed recently by House Democrats.

So what all does the bill entail exactly?

Well, for starters, it would federalize all state elections, letting Congress and state heads or officials decide “the manner of holding elections,” which the Constitution states exclusively belongs to the states. Congress is allowed to have a say in elections but only deciding the time of the election, not the how.

Additionally, H.R. 1. Would mandate both mail-in ballots and drop boxes for all states, as well as allow a ten-day delay in results, just in case any misplaced ballots should happen to turn up somewhere. Talk about a recipe for disaster and mass fraud…

The bill would also eliminate nearly all requirements by states for voter identification.

As the attorneys general wrote in their letter opposing the bill, “Perhaps most egregious is the Act’s limitations on voter I.D. laws.” But apparently, the Democrats don’t think anyone should have to prove who they are.  At least not to any real extent.

All voters will need should this bill be passed into law is a “statement to ‘attest to the individual’s identity and… that the individual is eligible to vote in the election.'” As the attorneys general state, “This does little to ensure that voters are who they say they are.”

And if that weren’t bad enough, the bill would also force states to automatically register all people to vote when they do things such as apply for a drivers’ license, go to college, or get assistance from a welfare agency.

This means that illegal or temporary immigrants who do any of these things will be signed up and given permission to vote in the next election. The same would also go for anyone over 16 years old, as the bill will also allow 16 and 17-year-olds to register to vote in each state.

And what about all those voter rolls that still include hundreds of dead or people who no longer live in the state?

Well, according to the bill, the only way for these registration rolls to get cleaned up is if voting officials in the state receive some written form of documentation saying that a person “is ineligible to vote.” And how often do you think that happens?

There are many, and I mean many more ways this 800-page bill will change things and not for the better. These are but just a few of them, and even one should be reason enough for any real patriot and American to oppose it.