No doubt we all remember when Stormy Daniels came flying into the public light after alleging that then-President Donald Trump had had an affair with her and paid her off for her silence. I mean, the thought alone is enough to be rather damning to anyone, let alone a Republican and first-time politician.

Supposedly, Daniels had signed a non-disclosure agreement concerning the affair. And it was this agreement that raised real questions of legality. The question was whether or not this agreement violated campaign finance laws, which was how Daniels was allegedly paid.

Of course, as with everything else thrown against Trump, even the most detailed investigations have concluded no wrongs done.

But that hasn’t stopped the former porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, from continuing to allege the worst about our former president.

In fact, even to this day, she still seems to be trying to get charges brought up against Trump.

In an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday, Daniels said that her lawyer is still in the process of going after Trump, now by working with New York City prosecutors who are currently investigating Trump’s company and holdings in the city.

According to The Hill, the prosecutors met together last month to “investigate possible financial crimes committed by the former president or his company.” And the alleged payment to Daniels and whether or not it was legal is said to be a central focus point of that investigation.

As Daniels said on Monday, “I have all the original forms and emails and wire transcripts and all of that stuff and I’m happy to turn it over to the – anybody who needs it, honestly. I know my attorney Clark Brewster has been in contract with them and very forthcoming with my willingness to participate.”

Daniels, of course, still claims that Trump is guilty of committing a crime. But even more than that, she says this is a matter of precedent.

“This sets a really dangerous precedent that the president is above the law. And I really just, whether you on the side of Trump or not, I just don’t understand how one man can go to prison for a crime and somebody else can’t even be investigated.”

Now, I would agree with this to some degree. You can’t have a president who thinks he or she is above the law. Neither can you have rules that are applied unevenly just because of a person’s position.

Then again, Donald Trump has already been investigated for this supposed crime, and several others the Democrats have alleged against him. And yet, nothing has ever come of them. In each and every instance, he was acquitted of all charges, twice by Congress no less, as well as by a special investigator for the Department of Justice.

If that doesn’t tell you this is all just part of the ongoing witch hunt against Trump, I don’t know what will.

Secondly, there is the small matter that Stormy Daniels claims that her allegations against Donald Trump have “completely destroyed” her financially, as well as her career, leaving her with practically nothing.

And yet, her attorney, who is still getting paid handsomely, is still working on a case for her years later?

So much for financial ruin, huh?

Then again, I’m sure any number of leading Democrats or Trump haters wouldn’t hesitate to fund Daniels or her lawyer if they really thought it might result in a conviction of Trump or his company. Of course, we won’t be able to prove any of that, I’m sure.

Not that this investigation will conclude in Trump’s demise, anyway. His finances, including that of his company, have been heavily scrutinized since he announced his bid for the presidency way back in 2015 – all to no avail.

Why would this time be any different?

The fact of the matter is that it won’t be because nothing wrong was done. Trump is a shrewd businessman, to be sure, and as such often thinks outside the box to get things done. But that doesn’t mean he’s committed a crime just because he continues to outsmart his opponents.

You’d think they’d learn. But it appears the Democrats, as well as Stormy Daniels, hasn’t.