Oh, how low our society has sunk to depravity.

If you are anything like me, some days the absurdity of American culture and what we seem to care about simply astounds me – and not in a good way.

Take, for example, the recent outrage expressed on social media over the latest episode or “chapter” of the new Star Wars television series “The Mandalorian.”

On Friday, Chapter 10 of the series was released and showed one of the primary characters, referred to as Baby Yoda by most, begin to coyly eat the unfertilized eggs of a female frog-like character whenever possible. The frog-like creature was supposedly one of the last of her kind, and, as such, she was desperately trying to get across the galaxy to her husband so he could fertilize her eggs and continue on their species’ existence.

However, Baby Yoda, not knowing any better, only saw a food source and so snuck the eggs out of sight on several occasions so he could eat them. He was caught and reprimanded several times, having the eggs taken from him and stashed out of reach.

As you can imagine, the few occasions in which this happens is played off as part of the comic relief of the episode – you know, a youngster gets in trouble for doing something they shouldn’t.

However, not everyone watching the show apparently thought it was all that funny.

In fact, some have become rather upset at the show, even threatening to “cancel” it or at least the Baby Yoda character.

A Vanity Fair article explains that a “contingent of fans on Twitter has taken the actions seriously, expressing anger and sadness that the series would make light of something that is both a personal invasion and a potential extinction-level event.”

The article cited one particular Twitter user to showcase this “anger.”

“I just wanna know who thought this was a good idea. Like… ‘we have this woman whose species is facing extinction and she’s very protective of these her eggs. We should have Baby Yoda eat them.’ ‘Hey yay dude, bro high five’ Like what???”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Baby Yoda not knowing any better… genocide for sake of ‘cute humor’ is never very funny. I mean, I laughed but I felt really guilty about it.”

Now, I would agree that genocide is never funny. But this isn’t quite that is it?

For starters, the show is entirely fictional. I mean, we are talking about unfertilized eggs of a frog-ish alien on a planet that doesn’t exist.

And secondly, there are far more critical – not to mention real – life problems going on in the world that should garner at least this much attention to the American public.

Take abortion, for example.

As several Twitter users thankfully commented, hundreds of thousands of innocent lives are thrown out in the trash every single day. And yet many people are mum on the entire subject. But, God forbid, a fictional creature eats another fictional creature’s lifeless and unfertilized eggs on a TV show.

Anyone else see some major hypocrisy going on?

Well, I can tell you, I’m certainly not the only one.

One of the best examples I’ve seen of someone pointing out what should be obvious comes from the Christian satirical news website, The Babylon Bee. This week they published an article that suggested a change to the episode that offended so many, apparently.

The piece was titled, “Disney Edits Controversial Mandalorian Scene So Baby Yoda Just Eats An Unborn Baby.”

“Apologizing for the scene that angered many corners of the internet with Baby Yoda eating pretend CGI eggs, the studio announced that Baby Yoda will simple abort an unborn baby instead… ‘It’s just a human fetus – definitely no life there. The fetus is a parasite, after all, and it’s much more icky than the unfertilized eggs this completely fictional character had stored in this jar.’”

How many find that funny?

I know I sure don’t. But that’s the thing about hypocrisy. It doesn’t make a lot of sense – never have, never will. Someone can get mad about pretend unfertilized getting eaten. Yet, real-life, fertilized eggs in a human body are perceived as nothing more than an unfortunate condition and a parasite.

Never before have I been so ashamed of my fellow countrymen.