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With the trial for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin just ending and the recent death of Daunte Wright in the same city, you have no doubt heard much in the past weeks of the continued call for police reform and defunding if not their complete abolishment.

And as always, the loudest voices for such radical ideas come from those who are also the most hypocritical.

Enter the ever leftward moving “squad” and its liberal members.

Once a group of just four freshman members of the House of Representatives, the group has now grown to include another two newly elected lawmakers, Jamaal Bowman of New York and Cori Bush from Missouri. But the additions don’t seem to be adding much to the group except more hypocrisy.

As all six continue to demand police reform or demise, it’s recently been proven that a whopping two-thirds of the group have been paying massive amounts of money to keep themselves protected by armed security guards. Together four of them have spent over $80,000, and that’s just for the last three months…

According to Federal Election Commission reports for the first months of 2021, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, Ilhan Omar of the now infamous Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Cori Bush have all paid more than most of us make in a quarter of the year on security for themselves alone.

Omar and Pressley have spent the least amount on this, coming at just over $3,000 and $4,000 in taxpayer funds, respectively.

On the other hand, Cori Bush must think pretty highly of herself, as she has spent over $32,000 on security recently.

And AOC tops our list, spending nearly $40,000 on personal security through the months of January, February, and March.

And those amounts don’t look to be going down anytime soon.

While they decry the need for added border security and a wall along where our nation meets Mexico, these four sit surrounded by a wall of their own making in the Capitol. And as they continue to demand that police all across the country need to be done away with and cast out as evil, they have paid out thousands each month to have a hired gun at their side.

Meanwhile, the cities they are supposed to be representing, such as Omar’s Minneapolis, and AOC’s New York City, are drowning in violence, homicide, and all manner of unthinkable crimes thanks to their insistence that criminals are being mistreated.

In Minneapolis, city council members have all but made police worthless, limiting their resources, their actions, and even their numbers.

But for Omar, it’s not enough.

She told CNN that “You can’t really reform a department that is rotten to the root. What we are saying is the current infrastructure that exists as policing in our city should not exist anymore.”

She wants them completely eradicated. What should take its place? Well, for that, she never seems to really say, just that police need to go.

And in NYC, Ocasio-Cortez’s demands aren’t much different.

Here near-socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio agreed to cut $1 billion from the city’s police department for this year. And AOC says more slashing of the budget is needed. “Defunding police means defunding police.”

When crime happens in her city, she doesn’t want a uniformed man or woman rushing to defend the helpless or right those wrongs. But when it comes to her own safety and security, you can bet your life’s savings that she’ll spare no expense to make sure it’s done.

She and the rest of her cohorts, including BLM leaders she so wholeheartedly supports, all live in ritzy neighborhoods, posh surroundings, with armed guards at the gates and doors. But for those who she claims to be for, you know, the people she’s supposed to represent, their neighborhoods are being swallowed by crime and chaos with no one to save them.

And apparently, that’s just the way the political left wants it.