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It has been alleged that Vice President Kamala Harris got to her seat of power by what could be called unsavory or ill-gotten means. Yes, she worked hard to get there, of that, I have no doubt. After all, she is black and a woman, meaning she likely had to work at climbing the political ladder a little harder than some.

However, it’s becoming more and more transparent that none of it was so that she could actually make a positive difference in our nation or even her state. Instead, she’s climbed the ladder to gain fame, notoriety, and, of course, power. And it didn’t matter who she stepped on or why to get there.

Like many politicians, she may have started out with good intentions, actually wanting to help the people of her community. But it must not have taken long for her to decide that increased wealth and power were better.

As you likely know, Harris began her political career in California as a prosecutor, then-District Attorney for San Francisco, and working her way up to California’s Attorney General. And at nearly every step, it seemed that she did what was necessary, positioning herself as a tough-on-crime civil servant.

And yet, looking back now, she can be described as little more than your stereotypical bully, doing whatever to anyone to reach her next promotion.

You know, like how she claims to be for black America, and yet, as a DA and AG, was responsible for putting thousands behind bars for minor drug offenses, which the political left will say contributed to the disproportionate number of blacks in our prison systems.

Or how about how, as a DA, AG, senator, and now vice president, she is one of the staunchest advocates in favor of abortion. And according to nearly every piece of data available on the subject, it seems to target black babies.

In more recent days, she’s also been a strong voice in opposition to law enforcement – you know, the same kind she used to be. And yet, it’s black communities that seem the most hurt by the ‘defund the police’ movement she supports.

ReAnna Simone Kelly has another example for us.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because ReAnna is the granddaughter of the late and great singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone. After her grandmother passed, ReAnna’s mother, Lisa Simone Kelly, was given charge of the family’s estate and trust. When it was found out that Lisa was mismanaging those funds, she was brought in on charges.

According to the Daily Beast, “Kelly was accused of ‘breaching her fiduciary duty’ to both the estate and trust, allegedly draining up to $2 million from its coffers, including a $1.5 million deposit into her personal company.”

Clearly, such action would warrant some punishment, as it should. Then-AG Harris was within her full rights to prosecute Kelly.

However, the way she went about it was far from usual or deserved.

As a supposedly tough-on-crime law enforcement agent and one seeking more power, Harris took the case and ran with it, making an example of sorts out of Kelly.

Harris tried to impose a $6 million surcharge with over $2.5 million in interest to the Simone Kelly family before a settlement was made. Additionally, Harris stripped Kelly of her title with the estate, her rights to her mother’s works, and any affiliation with her mother’s estate or legacy, according to the Beast.

As ReAnna Simone Kelly recalls, the severe action taken against her mother was nothing short of bullying at its finest, and, in this case, it left a gaping hole in the Simone Kelly family.

She ranted on Twitter recently, “My family doesn’t run her estate anymore. It was taken away from us & given to white people. Our family name was DRAGGED in the media. We get NO royalties, nothing. Wanna hold someone accountable. Ask Kamala Harris why she came for my family.”

Kelly added that her grandmother’s estate is now in “SHAMBLES” and that because of the bullying and strict punishment Harris gave her mother, Lisa Simone Kelly “almost killed herself from the depression.”

And yet, Harris chose a Nina Simone song to be played at her vice-presidential inauguration. What a slap in the face.

Then again, it’s likely Harris didn’t have any thought to how the Simone family would take it. After all, she clearly only cares about the power she has now, not the families or individuals she trampled on to get there.