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In our post-pandemic world, mandates, unfortunately, remain a reality for far too many places. However, none seem to be quite as bad as London Breed’s San Francisco. As mayor of the Golden Gate City, she has made sure that masks are worn by all, regardless of vaccination status, where you are, or what you are doing.

And like most Democratic leaders of our time, Breed seems to believe that she isn’t really constricted to the same rules as everyone else, especially if she’s the one making the rules.

You’ve likely all heard of the time that she, just like socialist California Governor Gavin Newsom, decided to dine out with friends without a mask or social distancing at the now infamous French Laundry restaurant. But now, we have another example of her elitism to point out.

On Thursday, Breed was caught on camera by multiple sources partying it up at a local nightclub. The Black Cat Nightclub itself even has video and camera evidence of this, which was posted to their Instagram account and has since been deleted, according to Fox News.

But another source, a Chronicle reporter, also happened to be in attendance at the nightclub that night and noticed the hypocritical mayor dancing around without a mask, with seemingly no care in the world, and not while she was eating or drinking. According to Breed’s own mask mandate, eating or drinking are the only circumstances in which someone might be exempt from wearing their facial diaper.

And yet, Breed wasn’t wearing hers…

Of course, Breed claims that she was. According to her side of the story, her drink “was sitting at the table. I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit.” She went on to say that the last thing on her mind was her mask. Instead, she was only thinking about having a good time, just like everyone else there.

Wait, so she just justified her violations of a mask mandate she herself put in place because she simply wasn’t “thinking” about it?

Talk about being an elitist and thinking you’re above everyone else…

But that’s just the beginning of her justifications. Just wait until what she says next.

In her self-grave digging, she went on to say that she was disappointed that “this is even a story” and claimed it was nothing but a “distraction” from things that really matter. You know, things like helping small businesses grow without mask mandates. Things like keeping students actually healthy without forcing them to wear bacteria-ridden clothes on their faces all day long.

But I digress.

She continued stating that the last thing she needed was the “fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.”

Oh, really? You don’t say?

Isn’t that what hard-working, freedom-loving Americans have been saying for over a year now? That the government should not be forcing health mandates on us and telling us how to live our day-to-day lives?

Breed also thinks that the mandate isn’t realistic for those like her who might be in between eating and drinking. Now, to be sure, it is, as those like myself have said all along, not to mention pointless.

But, interestingly, Breed doesn’t’ have a problem issuing freedom trampling and unrealistic mandates for the rest of us and yet, feels she shouldn’t be expected to follow suit.

I mean, how does she expect early readers or second language learners to adequately understand their teachers when they can’t see their mouths moving? How can sports teams and venues stay funded and in business when more than half of the nation doesn’t want to show their “papers” just to be entertained?

Doesn’t she understand that she is the fun police?

Even her won party members have to admit the hypocrisy here.

As one Twitter user said, “I am a registered Democrat and I voted for her. I love you Madame Mayor, but its all over the news… You’ll need to address the public.” Another said this is proof she’s not “playing her part.”

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in the mandates or not. But, if those making the rules can’t abide by them, there’s something wrong.