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As you know by now, the political left has done just about everything they can to insist that Donald J. Trump, his fans, and, in fact, the whole Republican Party are responsible for the incursion and deadly attack on the Capitol building in January. And truth be told, they will more than likely, if given time to rant about it, proclaim that these same culprits are to blame for the current atmosphere of hate and division in our nation.

As a result, liberal political leaders have taken great strides as of late to “punish” or flat out demonize the entire right side of the aisle, including their very own colleagues.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even gone so far as to claim that the “enemy is within” Congress itself. And therefore, added security measures are needed.

At first, added security meant that some 25,000 National Guard troops would be posted in and around the Capitol to keep congress members safe. But now, it also means new security protocols in the buildings themselves, such as metal detectors at the entrance to the House floor.

Pelosi even enacted a new House rule, H.R. 73, that states that all members must walk through these and “complete a security screening for entrance to the House chamber.” Failure to do so will result in a $5000 fine. And a second offense will double that amount.

Now, we all know that metal detectors might, well, detect, some danger. But essentially, they are useless in preventing it if not manned correctly. This is particularly true if they are placed in such a manner so that people can bypass them.

Already, two House members, and uncoincidentally two Republicans, have been fined for their first offense of not going through the new security measures. According to The New York Post, Andrew Clyde of Georgia and Louie Gohmert from Texas both evaded the metal detectors on Friday and subsequently have been fined.

However, it’s important to note why these members didn’t use the new security. The fact of the matter is they did, at least upon entering the House chamber. However, while the House was in session, they needed to go to the restroom and so momentarily stepped out to the nearby bathroom. And when they re-entered, they didn’t go through the metal detectors.

Gohmert told The Post, “Unlike in the movie ‘The Godfather,’ there are no toilets with tanks where one can hide a gun, so my reentry onto the House floor should have been a non-issue.”

But apparently, for Pelosi and her overly concerned and gun-phobic liberals, it was too much to take. And so the two were fined.

However, since then, it has been noted that Pelosi herself violated the new rule. It really shouldn’t be all that surprising to any of us. After all, we all know she’s not too keen on following her own rules, whether it’s wearing masks or not using gender-specific pronouns.

According to a report from Fox News, Pelosi entered the House Floor on Thursday by walking around the metal detectors instead of going through them. And no, she was not stepping back from the restroom.

Several House members, including Republicans Rodney Davis, Barry Loudermilk, and Bryan Steil, made a note of how she entered the chamber and have since written a letter about it to the sergeant at arms, who has been tasked with keeping the House rules and meting out punishment for those who break them.

The three members remind the SAA that Pelosi is still a member of the House and, as such, must follow her own rules. She must also be fined the initial $5000.

Of course, the liberal left appears to be none too happy about being called out on what apparently was meant to be a double standard.

First, they want proof that a violation was actually committed.

Then, they assume that if it was, it shouldn’t matter. And the fact that it does must be proof that Steil, Davis, and Loudermilk are insolent infants or “third graders.”

As of Sunday, Fox reported that Pelosi has yet to be fined for the violation.

Now, I’m not saying this doesn’t border on being petty. However, if you are going to enact a rule and enforce it on the opposing party, you had better well assume that following it will be expected of you.

Then again, at this point, the Democrats, with their recent wins, are so high up on their horse, they probably can’t even see anything wrong with their actions. Don’t worry; time will bring them low again… Americans will only take this blatant hypocrisy so long.