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As President Joe Biden has so recently made clear, plans are afoot to limit and put more control on gun rights and ownership in the United States.

With the passing of the third anniversary of the tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting last week, Biden used the opportunity to push more divisive measures onto the American people.

He told Americans, “We will take action to end our epidemic of gun violence and make our schools and communities safer. Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.”

There’s just one problem with the plan, though. Putting more regulations on gun sales and banning certain weapons won’t make us any safer.

Take the Parkland shooting, for example.

The shooter used a rifle and type that Biden and many liberals would call an assault weapon. But let’s say that was banned at the time, and he had to use a handgun.

First of all, a smaller gun doesn’t mean fewer bullets. And neither would a ban on high-capacity magazines. All the shooter would have to do is carry more than one magazine or two in his pockets. Secondly, the gun is smaller, which means it’s easier to hide and get into places.

And then there’s this business about background checks.

The shooter had no priors, no history of violence, nothing. He would have passed with flying colors.

Suffice it to say, nothing would have changed.  

And that’s precisely why men and women like Texas’s Ken Paxton are standing against Biden and any new gun control measures he wants to put in place.

As the Lonestar State’s attorney general, Paxton even has a message for Biden and his staff.

He wrote on Sunday, mere hours after Biden made his controversial announcement and charge to Congress, “Biden won’t undo the #2A in TX on my watch.”

Like everyone with a soul, Paxton noted that the “Parkland shooting 3 years ago was an act of unspeakable evil. But Democrats cannot be allowed to use this tragedy as an opportunity to cram down unhelpful and unconstitutional gun laws.”

And if experience tells us anything, it’s that Paxton will stick to his guns (pun intended) on this one. He already has quite the reputation for standing up to the left and the entire Biden administration, for that matter and winning.

When Biden wrote his infamous executive order freezing deportations for his first 100 days, Paxton fought it, becoming the first to sue the new president in office.

Paxton and his staff knew that halting deportations, for any amount of time really, was a dangerous idea for the American people, and particularly for those who reside along our southern border where Texas is located.

Thankfully, a judge agreed.

US District Judge Drew Tipton ruled that “Texas has persuasively demonstrated a substantial risk of irreparable harm in part because of the potential increased flow of illegal aliens from other states.” He added that the freeze was “arbitrary and capricious” to boot.

Furthermore, the order “not only fails to consider potential policies more limited in scope and time, but it also fails to provide any concrete, reasonable justification for a 100-day pause on deportations.”

Now, I will give Biden one thing, at least he’s considering letting Congress handle this one – at least for now. Then again, he’s also said that if nothing comes of Congress’s efforts and soon that he’d be willing to put gun control measures through via executive order.

It seems he knows that most of America won’t like these ideas and therefore will push Congress not to allow them to go through the right channels.

As it stands, while both the Senate and the House have a Democratic majority, it’s not by much. And more than one Democrat is known to cross party lines when it comes to their constituents. Gun control is one of those issues that Congress members cannot ignore those who put them in office about.

If they do, they’ll likely wind up without a job.

But if Biden resorts to executive orders again, he’s likely to get the same results he did with his deportation freeze. Paxton’s already proved he can beat Biden at his own game. But Biden’s apparently not smart enough to realize that.