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Remember back when Democratic President Joe Biden campaigned for the White House, and he promised he would be vastly different and supposedly better than Donald Trump at the job? I specifically remember him pledging to do things differently.

He said he would bring diversity to the White House. He promised no nepotism. And he said he would guarantee his staff would be just as ethical as he was.

And yet, here we are, a mere six months into his first term, and only one promise has been kept thus far: That things would be different in the Biden White House than they were when the Trump family resided there.

About the diversity and lack of nepotism? Well, those things still exist and in just about the worse possible way imaginable.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term nepotism, it is essentially the hiring or promoting a person based on who their parents or family members are.

The political left will claim this is what Trump did with both his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, even though they were both well suited and qualified for the positions they were appointed to.

Now, to be clear, Biden hasn’t appointed any of his family members, that we know of, to exalted places. And he likely won’t, seeing as how his son Hunter Biden is one of the nation’s most spoiled criminals. Biden also explicitly promised that Hunter wouldn’t be a part of the Biden administration or staff under no uncertain circumstances.

However, that hasn’t stopped the rest of Biden’s staff from getting their sons and daughters added to seats of near royalty.

Take a recent report from The Washington Post, for example.

According to the Post and its sources, “The pattern – which continued this week with the Treasury Department’s announcement that it was hiring J.J. Ricchetti, son of Biden counselor Steve Ricchetti – has drawn concerns from ethics experts, diversity advocates and others. They say it is disappointing that Biden didn’t shift even further from the practices of Donald Trump’s presidency, which they thought reeked of nepotism and cronyism.”

The outlet notes that this is the fifth occasion of nepotism being promoted in the Biden White House so far, at least they know of.

Chief among those who oppose Biden’s allowance of this despicable habit is former director of the Office of Government Ethics under Obama, Walter Shaub.

In an official statement on the matter, Shaub was less than impressed with Biden and noted his extreme disappointment.

However, when allowed to speak more freely on Twitter’s platform, Shaub was quite a bit more vocal about just how far his disappointment went. He dedicated a whopping total of 23 tweets to ranting about just how far Biden’s staff had fallen and that this is not what he signed up for.

He began by pointing out the young and newly appointed Ricchetti was one of four special assistants at the Treasury Department. Unlike the others, his only accomplishment in life was that he had just graduated from college. But his dad was one of Biden’s top aides…

He then went on to describe just how disgusting this is, stating, “A lot of us worked hard to tee him up to restore ethics to government and believed the promises. This is a a real ‘f*** you’ to us – and government ethics.”

And yet, according to Shaub, no one seems to really care. He notes that throughout Trump’s tenure in the White House, the political left complained and whined about his alleged penchant for promoting those close to him. But now that they have the chance to do the same, they suddenly have no problem with it.

“They sound just like MAGAs. The jobs went to privileged kiddos with mommies & daddies who cozied up to POTUS. Nepotism is illegal.”

But as Shaub points out, it’s not only a problem because it’s illegal. As he says, in the grand scheme of things, these are “little problems” which are “so damn easy to avoid.” And the fact that the Biden Admin “can’t even do the easy things, you sure as hell can’t do the hard things.”

Isn’t that the truth?

But the kicker is that Shaub partly blames himself because, like half of America supposedly did, he fell for Biden’s act. And now he’s the one who looks “stupid.”