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New York State Attorney General Letitia James might be many things, but a promise-breaker isn’t one of them. She ran for the position on the promise that she would do everything in her power to ruin President Donald Trump and his. And I have to say, she’s been pretty much focused on that and that alone.

It seems as soon as she took office, she launched an investigation into the President’s business endeavors and his taxes, drawing headlines from around the nation. Forget about real criminals and enforcing any sort of law in the state; Ms. James’ mind is obsessed with nailing Trump for something, even if it’s as fake as her title.

Now, of course, just about everything she’s done so far against Trump and the family business has failed. But that certainly hasn’t made her any less tenacious about it.

In fact, it seems her desire to cause Trump trouble is long from evaporating, as she has just opened yet another probe into his taxes and financial affairs. Of course, this time, she has expanded her investigation to include not only the President himself but also his daughter, Ivanka.

According to the Associated Press and the New York Times, Ivanka and one of her businesses are the investigation’s primary targets. However, Ms. James seems to think that Trump was the one benefiting from the business.

So what’s this nasty business, and what have they done that’s so wrong? Well, no one, not even Ms. James’ office seems to really know.

“New York’s attorney general has sent a subpoena to the Trump Organization for records related to consulting fees paid to Ivanka Trump as part of a broad civil investigation into the president’s business dealings, a law enforcement official said Thursday.”

What the New York Times does know, per anonymous sources, is that Ivanka Trump’s firm was allegedly paid $747,622 over the course of “several years” for consulting services. The investigation recently opened by James is to find out just what these funds paid for and why. Basically, she wants to know if they are legit or part of some believed scam that Trump is using to minimize his tax liability.

It is also important to note that, via the NYT’s sources, it has not been suggested that Ivanka herself has done anything wrong by either completing the consulting work or accepting the payments for such.

Now, I’d like to know how a woman as accomplished and with such a business acumen as Ivanka Trump is believed to be siphoning funds away for her father without knowing it. It just doesn’t follow. Either you say she is part of the devious plan, or you have to admit that there is really nothing going on that is untoward, which, of course, is what Ivanka says of the whole situation.

In a tweet made on Thursday, she referred to the probe as “harassment pure and simple” and “100% motivated by politics.”

Now, not that it really falls into her jurisdiction, but if Letitia James really wants to nail someone for tax evasion or just plain fishy business dealings in association with politics, she need look no further than Minnesota House Representative Ilhan Omar.

I mean, this woman’s husband runs a political consulting firm, which Omar apparently uses, and has been paid over 2 million dollars for such “consultation” over the past two years – all to supposedly help a campaign that even on its worst day couldn’t lose in that district.

Note, this is the same woman who was supposedly married to both her biological brother and her children’s father at the same time and then had an affair with her now-husband, who was also married at the time.

But, as I said, Omar is a little out of Ms. James’ jurisdiction, not to mention a fellow Democrat and one that just as equally hates President Trump.

So President Trump remains at the center of her target, even if her vision is more than a bit skewed. It doesn’t seem to matter what else is going on in the world; she is focused. COVID is still on the loose, riots and protests are happening all over, and the nation’s most controversial presidential election is just about over, with Trump looking like he’ll soon be out of office.

And yet James still has just as much persistence to ruin him as ever – talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome.