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As you well know, swarms of National Guard troops have occupied our nation’s capital for nearly two months now.

They were, of course, called to Washington D.C. immediately following the January 6 incursion of the Capitol complex to 1) prevent any further outbursts of hate supposedly incited by former President Donald Trump and 2) to protect the Democratic Party and their appointed leader during what has been seen as the most controversial transfer of power in the modern era.

However, since their involuntary occupation, it seems there is and has been no real threat or reason for their time being spent in the city.

The only hint of anything on the horizon was said to possibly take place on March 4, which according to the Constitution, is the date of the original Inauguration Day. A few radical QAnon followers believed that somehow Trump would miraculously be reappointed as President on that, kicking Biden out.

Of course, seeing as that date has come and gone without incident, the question is, what are the troops still doing there?

And if reports from both The Associated Press and WAMU-FM are right, these men and women would be there for quite a bit longer. The A.P. reported a confirmation that the 5,200 National Guardsmen still in D.C. would be detained there for at least 60 days more. And WAMU-FM has suggested rumors that their occupation could extend to the fall.

However, apparently, their sacrifice and boredom are not going unrewarded.

A recent report from American Military News says that all those who served in D.C. during the inauguration and all those still there could receive one, if not two, newly designed ribbons for their service.

Spokesman for the Virginia Air National Guard and director of Joint Task Force-DC Joint Information Center, Air Force Lt. Col. Robert Carver, said in a statement, “In recognition of their service as part of the security mission at the U.S. Capitol and other facilities in Washington, D.C., before, during, and after the 59th Presidential Inauguration, the District of Columbia National Guard plans to present all Soldiers and Airmen who took part in the mission one or both of the following decorations: the District of Columbia National Guard Presidential Inauguration Support Ribbon and/or the District of Columbia Emergency Service Ribbon.”

As its name implies, the first will be given to all those who stood by and guarded the capitol during days leading up to, during, and immediately after the inauguration of President Joe Biden. This ribbon will feature the flag of Washington D.C., with a white background and three red stars.

The other ribbon to be given out is the District of Columbia Emergency Service Ribbon.

Now, this latter one really isn’t new, as the Emergency Service Ribbon has been in existence for quite some time and is given to those who serve during a non-war-related crisis or emergency. This one is just particular to the District of Columbia.

The American Military News reports that both decorations are held at the state-level and explained that “unlike troops in active-duty ranks, who have a standardized set of awards, the Guard maintains a roster of state-level specific ribbons and medals. Some commemorate state-level response operations; others honor heroism or mark the completion of a specific duty or achievement.”

Carver also mentioned that other decorations are being considered. And, as those have not yet been finalized, plans for the presentation of these two ribbons plus any other potential ones have not been made yet.

Maybe they should be getting one paying tribute to the countless hours of boredom suffered in the last two months. Or maybe one honoring the 200 some Guardsmen who contracted COVID shortly after being sent to D.C and after being packed “together like sardines,” as one told Politico.

These brave men and women swore to serve America at all costs. Sadly, this occasion meant being puppets in the Democratic Parties political theater, all while being packed into parking garages to sleep in the cold during a pandemic and fed rotten food.

Biden and his cohorts owe them big time – a ribbon is the very least they could do.