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With the early January runoff election for Senate in Georgia resulting in somewhat of a shock for the typically red southern state, along with the new fair election laws passed there, all eyes will be looking to see what direction the state is heading as 2022 and the midterm elections draw ever closer.

And for newly elected and already very controversial Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, it’s not looking so certain that a second term is in the cards.

Enter Georgia US Air Force veteran and business owner Kelvin King.

King has announced a run against the leftward-leaning Democrat in the upcoming midterms, and, according to what he’s achieved and said so far, he just might have a shot at flipping the state back to red.

Part of that reason is that he’s already shown a fighting attitude in regards to get his party back into the ring.

He told Fox News in a recent interview, “We have to decide right now if we’re going to be knocked down or knocked out. Personally, I’m ready to take back the state and fight for our future and the future of our country.”

In fact, his fighting mentality and the fact that he’s a political outsider have given off a very Trump-esque vibe to his campaign, which still seems to resonate exceptionally well with constituents. And he’s even campaigning on similar notions such as cleaning out the establishment that has so far only served to hinder families and businesses. At the same time, “career politicians” get rich and powerful.

“We have these career politicians and woke corporations and even this overall cancel culture, they’re all empowered while families and small businesses and people like us are just left to pay the price. It’s just not right. Frankly, we need to un-cancel America and be proud of who we are.”

And who better to get Georgians to do than a small construction company owner, former service member, and a “product of the American dream” and everything we used to stand for?

King tells voters, “I was born and raised here in Georgia… I’m a product of the American dream. That’s what we’re looking for right now. I’m a great representation of that and I want to make sure that future generations have that same opportunity.”

Now, to be sure, the flip back to Republican representation shouldn’t be all that difficult for any GOP member. After all, the state usually falls squarely into a more conservative or right-leaning category. And as King says, Warnock’s policies and standards just don’t seem to line up with what most of the state believes in.

King said of his opponent, “His policy positions, they’re very left leaning and he just doesn’t have our values. In Georgia we value life, we value the Second Amendment.” And as we know, Warnock has come out staunchly against both.

But if he’s going to beat Warnock in 2022, he will have to work hard to convince Republicans to come out to the polls.

It is believed that conservatives in Georgia, after experiencing the controversies surrounding the 2020 presidential election and defeat of former President Donald Trump in what many assume to be massive amounts of voter fraud, few in the state have faith that our voting/election system is working justly and fairly. And as a result, many failed to show up at all for the runoff senate election in January, feeling that their vote wouldn’t matter anyway.

King will have to work to prove that the voting system isn’t as flawed as many believe.

Thankfully, newly established voting laws in the Peach State may serve that cause well. Among the regulations are requirements for additional proof of voter ID, as well as the banning of giving out political favors at the polls on election day. In addition, more early voting days were added and hours lengthened to accommodate a more varied workforce.

If he can build on the security, these laws should provide as well as convince the communities of the state that he is more aligned with their needs and wants than Warnock, his win would be all but assured.