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With the beginning of the holiday season being mere weeks away now, it’s time to discuss how or if COVID will affect the way we usually celebrate. Our holiday celebrations entail time spent around the family’s dining table and in larger than average gatherings for most of us. But with COVID-19 still very much a threat, will this be your plans?

Well, if New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has anything to say about it, the answer is a resounding no.

According to a recent statement made by the near socialistic leader, “big meals together” should be avoided at all costs this year.

He said on Monday, “One of the most crucial things that’ll happen in the next two months, of course, is the holidays, and the holidays we associate with travel and the holidays we associate with big indoor gatherings, big meals together – that, unfortunately, this year can’t be the case, because if you look at the numbers that we’re going to go over now, you’re going t see loud and clear we’re in a dangerous situation and we have to change our habits.”

Like much of the nation, New York appears to be experiencing what is being called a second wave of the virus, with numbers both of positive cases and deaths on the rise.

According to the New York Times, Tuesday reported as many as 1,207 new cases and two recent deaths. This is a 77 and 94 percent uptick compared to the last two weeks, respectively. And positivity rates in the Big Apple are now sitting well over the usual 2 percent.

As de Blasio says, “We see the presence of the coronavirus in this city and it’s trying to reassert itself.” And like just about everyone, he wants to make sure that doesn’t happen.

On Monday, he said, “We need to do everything in our power to stop the coronavirus from reasserting in New York City. We have to stop a second eave from happening here, it is getting dangerously close. We’re seeing household transmission. We’re seeing community spread. We’re seeing things we have not seen in a long time – and we have to stop them.”

No one can disagree with those statements. And de Blasio, as mayor, has a unique task at keeping the virus at bay.

I’m just not so sure his ideas are the ones we need.

While they might sound good, at least in theory, it seems the mayor only wants to pull them out when it suits his needs. I’m sure you heard of the several occasions that he broke his own rules in the early days of COVID because, well, he needed to go for a run or exercise at the gym, which was supposed to be closed.

You might also note that while restaurants in the city are still only allowed to be at 25 percent capacity, Dems were still allowed to come out en masse this past weekend to celebrate the presumed victory of presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Thousands walked the streets, should to shoulder, elbow to elbow, proclaiming their win over Trump.

Now, of course, you might say, ‘well, this was outside, where the virus is known not to spread as well. Plus, many of those celebrating wore masks.’ And to that, I have to say true – at least to some degree.

However, most of those masks become irrelevant if you are in close proximity to others for long periods of time, even if outdoors. And the thousands you could come into contact with are much more likely to infect you than the ten or even 20 people you may have in one home for a holiday dinner.

Plus, it seems a little odd that Mayor de Blasio thinks behavior like this ok, but the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, which also takes place outdoors and in NYC’s streets, is too dangerous. According to Spectrum News NY1, “Concerns about novel coronavirus spurred organizers to move the iconic celebration online, the mayor said.”