Remember in 2016 and 2017, right after President Donald Trump took over the White House when a trend started throughout the US to create “sanctuary cities” for immigrants? It was a way for the political left to fight back against Trump’s declaration that he would fix our immigration system and build a wall.

For many, it was seen as heroic and all-inclusive, not to mention anti-racist, as Trump was perceived to be anything but that.

Well, now a new trend is starting, and it’s very similar. Instead of creating sanctuary cities and towns for illegal migrants and their criminal friends, cities across the US are beginning to declare themselves as sanctuaries for the unborn.

Essentially, this means the city has voted on and passed an ordinance that bans abortions from taking place within city limits, with certain exceptions, of course.

The latest town to do so is Lubbock, Texas, a small-ish city of around 253,000 or so residents. But while the city’s population may not be anything compared to metropolises like New York City, San Fransisco, or even Houston or Dallas, it is noted to be the largest town thus far to have given the unborn a safe place.

It is also unique because it is one of the few towns to have done so that has an active Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located inside city limits, according to KWKT-TV.

According to Everything Lubbock, the Planned Parenthood branch was announced to open in town last August as the baby killing giant continued its plans to expand. Planned Parenthood had previously had a branch in Lubbock, but it was closed in 2013.

The city lived seven peaceful years without Planned Parenthood and apparently was not thrilled when it was announced that a new branch would be put back there.

Such news prompted many in the community, including Republican state Senator Charles Perry to propose legislation that would forever ban the evil practice in the town. The ordinance, which was drafted by Right to Life Texas Director Mark Lee Dickson, would make the practice illegal within city limits and punishable by up to $2,000.

In addition, the ordinance makes it possible for family members to file lawsuits against abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood should an unborn child be aborted in the city.

And with a recent vote in a special election this past Saturday, the ordinance was officially passed.

Unofficial results noted that 62 percent voted for and 37 against the measure. And later in the day, Lubbock GOP posted an announcement giving similar numbers.

“City of Lubbock: Sanctuary City for the Unborn

For: 64%

Against: 36%

This is effectively a lock. A win for life.”

Now, it’s important to note here there are specific stipulations of the bill.

Firstly is that, in most cases, abortion will be illegal and punishable “at all times and stages of pregnancy.”

As I am sure you have heard, one of the most significant arguments surrounding abortion is when it should be determined as murder of a child.

Some, such as those in Lubbock, claim that happens at conception. Others, such as the entire state of Arkansas, believe that life should be noted when a heartbeat can be detected, which is generally around eight or so weeks. In Montana, the rule is that abortions cannot be performed after the unborn child can feel pain.

Yet, still others, such as liberal former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, believe life begins when the child is actually born and can breathe air on its own.

Secondly, the Lubbock ordinance notes that they will not consider it an abortion if such a procedure will save the life of the mother, remove a deceased or miscarried child, or end an ectopic pregnancy.

Now, you’d think the passing of such an ordinance would cause Planned Parenthood to abandon their new branch in town, which just opened for business on April 15. However, a representative from the clinic has made it known that the branch will remain open and follow the legal restrictions recently passed, according to KWKT.

Although, as their business continues to dwindle in Lubbock and in the now 25 other cities that have so far declared similar ordinances, I can’t imagine them having the funds to stay open for too long…