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If you are like nearly half of the nation, you believe at least on some level that the general election of 2020 was not entirely fair. You’ve likely heard the numerous stories of voter fraud taking place around the country and wondered just how widespread it was and subsequently how it may or may not have affected the overall results.

Now, at this point, it’s far too late to overturn the results and denounce Joe Biden as president. And to be honest, it’s doubtful that would happen, at least if the Democrats’ narrative is true. According to election results, Biden supposedly won both the popular vote and the electoral college by around 10 million.

However, it is not too late to determine just how much alleged voter fraud actually happened and punish those who may have had a hand in it. As it stands now, Americans as a whole do not have much faith in our election process, and that is due, in large part, to the belief that it is not fair or just.

That belief won’t change overnight and require the government both federally and on a local level to offer undeniable proof that they are doing everything they can to ensure our voting process’s integrity.

And that’s precisely why a judge in a critical election county in Georgia is considering letting a review of absentee ballots be conducted for the November election.

As in many districts around the nation, Fulton County, Georgia, has received multiple reports that voter fraud occurred on a rather alarming scale. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one lawsuit, in particular, alleges that “fraudulent ballots were cast and other irregularities occurred as workers counted ballots at State Farm Arena on election night,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This is the arena where poll watchers were told that the counting of ballots had stopped for the night and would resume in the morning, only to find out later that counting had begun again in the middle of the night and without the public’s knowledge.

This and other “irregularities” have led the judge overseeing the case, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero, to believe that the lawsuit has some credibility. And therefore, he has said he is willing to allow a third party and impartial government watchdog group to conduct a review of the absentee ballots.

However, Amero has stated some stipulations must be met first – namely that a detailed plan to maintain the secrecy and security of the ballots being reviewed is put in place.

He said, “We want to do this in such a way that dispels rumors and disinformation and sheds light. The devil’s in the details. I can’t sign an order until such time as I’m satisfied that the manner and method (of review) proposed by the petitioners is reasonable.”

The review is to be conducted by experts hired by Garland Favorito, who is a well-known voting-integrity advocate with VoterGA.

According to Favorito, if fraud exists among the ballots, “county workers likely fabricated ballots and counted some ballots multiple times on election night.” And per reports from observers and even a few pieces of video footage, that looks to be precisely what happened.

For example, some observers and poll workers were noted to be “suspicious of ballots that were printed on a different stock of paper than regular ballots, appeared to have been printed instead of marked by ink in a voter’s hand or were not creased, indicating they had not been placed in an absentee ballot envelope and mailed” as required, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Veteran poll worker Susan Voyles is one such observer. She says she remembers coming across whole boxes filled with “pristine ballots” that appeared to be filled in by a machine and had no folds whatsoever.

And according to Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, nine other observers in the state have reported similar findings of “suspicious mail-in ballots.” And, of course, all of them were cast for Biden.

It will be interesting to see what results from a review like this fill find. As I said before, it’s nearly impossible for it to make a difference in the overall election results. But in Georgia, where Biden only narrowly won – that’s a different story.