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When then-former vice president Joe Biden first began his search for a vice president of his own, we all knew that eventually, whoever he chose would end up running the White House and the nation long before his first term was up. Hell, Biden himself even told the American people that his choice would be largely dependent on age, as he needed someone who could take over for him on “day one,” if need be.

This was confirmed when he chose now-Vice President Kamala Harris, as she is not only decades younger than he but is relatively well-known for her desire for more power. Of course, she and her supporters would call it mere ambition.

And now it’s become official, Harris is taking charge or at the least increasing her role in the administration.

According to The National Pulse, VP Harris has been taking calls from foreign leaders and dignitaries on behalf of Biden.

On Monday, she spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron. A statement from the White House noted that the two spoke of the countries’ alliances and the need to strengthen those ties in the coming months and years.

“Vice President Kamala Harris spoke today with President Emmanuel Macron of France, and expressed her commitment to strengthening bilateral ties between the United States and France and to revitalize the transatlantic alliance.”

And President Macron confirmed this by making a post of his own on his Twitter account.

In addition to the nations’ alliances, Macron and Harris spoke of regional crises, the pandemic, climate change, and the NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, according to the White House.

But Macron is certainly not the first Harris has spoken to on matters of great importance.

At the beginning of the month, she had a very similar chat over the phone with Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Along with topics such as COVID-19 and the ever-present crises of climate change, the two also spoke of creating new jobs and energy and trade.

No doubt, some bridges needed to be mended there after Biden’s executive order to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought countless jobs and economy benefits to Canadians as well as Americans. After Biden announced his order, Trudeau made it quite clear that he wasn’t happy about it and that it would have long-lasting adverse effects on his nation and view of Biden.

Of course, the White House is spinning these talks with foreign leaders as just one of the many ways the Biden administration is vastly different (and better) than that of Trump’s. According to the administration, they are making a point of taking a different approach to foreign policy, and that begins by being more involved in global affairs and conversations.

So why isn’t Biden handling it?

Well, aside from the unadmitted truth that no one on his staff trusts him to, Biden has said that he wants to be “transition president,” letting a younger generation of Americans take the reins. Well, if the state of Congress tells you anything, it’s that he’s undoubtedly letting that happen.

However, having your vice president handle all foreign affairs is a bit odd. No, there’s not any written rule about those duties being assigned to the president only. But it’s rarely done.

Few in the modern era besides President George W. Bush’s VP, Dick Cheney, have taken on such a role in the White House. But Cheney was good at it and excelled in creating much of the foreign policies that have led to today’s relationships with other countries.

Of course, the task also gave him a somewhat polarizing name. Much like Trump, some loved him and supported his every move, but also those that swore he was the worst thing to happen to the White House.

Now, Harris pretty much already carries such a legacy. But it’s one that she may not want to keep, given that it has been made pretty clear that she wants the Oval Office for herself one day. That means she’ll need to garner votes of her own and not just be picked for a job.

And given her last run for the White House, that task may be a bit tricky.