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As a Biden win begins to look more and more imminent, it’s not just Americans who are noticing. The world watches and waits… and for some, they prepare.

Prepare for what? Well, a presidency that would allow an untold number of illegal immigrants to flood our borders with essentially an all-access pass.

Thanks to President Trump, illegal immigration has decreased dramatically in the last year, due to both his border wall construction and the Migrant Protection Protocols or MPP. But if and when Biden is awarded the White House, that all could come crashing down.

And according to Customs and Border Commissioner Mark Morgan, the signs are already showing up en masse. He says that in October, in anticipation of a Biden win, 69,000 people illegally crossed into the US. That’s a 21 percent increase from September, just one month prior, and a 54 percent rise compared to October of 2019.

But that’s just the beginning. Morgan says that if Biden wins, our borders, particularly our southern one shared with Mexico, could see a run of tens of thousands of immigrants, making the Land Run of 1893 seem like a smudge.

Morgan stated, “If MPP is to go away, it’ll be absolutely devastating.” Currently, Trump’s law allows the US to send any incoming migrants back to Mexico to await their asylum hearings.

Without this, migrants are free to roam our communities and neighborhoods at will, before we really know anything about them. Morgan noted that during the 2019 fiscal year, and before MPP went into effect, more than 500,000 people were released like this into the US by the CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement without first being vetted.

That’s a whole lot of possible criminals, child rapists, and thieves just let in to wander about for a few months or longer.

This fiscal year has only seen the release of about 15,000 into our communities with MPP in effect. Talk about a significant difference.

Morgan says, “If you remove MPP as well as other policies that critics have said they’re going to remove, make no mistake that is going to sound the alarm that our borders are open. The smugglers as we know, as history shows, as data proves, they will exploit the loopholes, and they will further exploit the migrants and you will see a crisis that makes last year’s crisis look like child’s play.”

“And you can take that to the bank.”

No doubt Morgan was referring to the month of July last year when a whopping 140,000 illegal crossings happened at our southern border before MPP was put into effect.

But it’s not only Trump’s MPP that would be in jeopardy. Those on the left have also discussed doing away with Trump’s border wall, which Morgan cannot speak highly enough of. According to him, our borders have never been more secure.

But it’s looking that it is all about to change.

Biden himself says that not a dime or a minute more will be spent on its construction. Others, however, are currently petitioning to have it torn down – every foot of it.

And the preparation for such changes is causing a massive difference at our southern border.

As I mentioned, illegal crossings have seen a tremendous influx in recent months. So much so that Homeland Security has had to issue warnings to states and neighborhoods in close proximity to the border.

In October, they sent Arizona sheriffs a letter warning that if Trump’s immigration policies were soon “removed or overturned, then the department – and you, our frontline partners – would be imperiled by another immigration crisis.”

Suffice it to say, these law enforcement officers aren’t too keen on seeing their departments being once again understaffed and overworked because our borders are no longer concerned with legal or illegal crossings.

And why would they be? In the past year, communities all along our southern border have experienced a kind of peace and security not hardly even imagined. Sure, crime still exists, but on a mess smaller scale. I’d imagine that serenity would be appreciated.

But with Biden coming in and making such drastic changes, that it surely won’t last. Not only will more illegal crossings happen, but as Morgan says, it will be a surge or wave we can’t even imagine. And the crime that accompanies it will even more so.