After the controversial 2020 elections, it’s safe to say there isn’t a lot of trust in our election process. Many Americans came out of the election cycle feeling betrayed, like their vote didn’t count, and even lied to.

And so, it should be no surprise that since then, numerous states have moved to amend their voting laws in the hope of restoring some of that lost faith in our electoral process.

Georgia, unsurprising, is one such state, as they had one of the most questionable elections of the year, both for the general/presidential election and their January 6 runoff election for the state’s senators.

Legislation was put forward and earlier this month, signed into law by Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp. It’s known as S.B. 202 and, among other things, includes measures to increase voter security at polling locations and requires that all voters show identification to request and cast an absentee ballot.

For most, this only seems to make sense. After all, you want to know that who is supposedly voting is who they actually say they are and that they are a legal citizen and permitted to vote in the first place.

However, the Democrats in the state and nationwide have thrown quite a temper tantrum over the newly signed bill, claiming that it is a form of racism intent on suppressing the votes of minorities and increasing the power of white supremacy.

Georgia state Representative and staunch Democrat Park Cannon disliked the proposed bill so much that she physically tried to stop Governor Kemp from signing it into law, getting arrested for the action in the process, as she was trying to disrupt legal proceedings.

And then, of course, when she failed to stop the law from being passed, she went on a rant about it on Twitter, comparing the bill to a recent shooting in Atlanta the political left says was racially charged – not that anyone would believe it. The suspect of the shooting admitted the shooting had nothing to do with race.

Of course, that doesn’t seem to matter to those like Cannon and even our president, Joe Biden.

He recently said of the new Georgia law, “This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle. I mean, this is gigantic what they’re trying to do, and it cannot be sustained.” He also referred to it as “sick” and the “most pernicious thing.”

And yet, it would seem that most Americans, Georgians, and even most minorities believe that required voter ID is a good thing.

Among 1,000 likely voters in a recent Rassmussen report, “Majorities of whites (74%), blacks (69%) and other minorities (82%) say voters should be required to show photo identification before being allowed to vote.”

Furthermore, the report noted that some 60 percent of real Democrats, 89 percent of Republicans, and 77 percent of those unaffiliated with a political party all feel the same.

So if nearly 70 percent of blacks and 82 percent of all other minorities, not to mention 60 percent of all Democrats, think voter ID should be required, why is it that those in Washington say it shouldn’t be? And furthermore, claim that it is racist?

Wouldn’t it really prove the opposite?

I mean, everyday individuals of all color, races, and backgrounds are asked to present photo identification for all manner of things in the US, from buying beer to boarding airplanes. In fact, it is such a common incident that few Americans ever complain about it.

Why should voting and the act of choosing our national leaders be any different?

And if the Democrats think it’s racist to require something as simple as a driver’s license, wouldn’t that be an assumption that somehow those of a minority group cannot present such an ID? That they are incapable of complying?

Isn’t that racist in and of itself?

But just like this new Georgia law isn’t about race, neither is the Democrats’ primary concern. It’s pretty evident at this point that they are less worried about who is actually voting than how they can manipulate that vote as they did in the 2020 election.

Luckily, according to this recent report, it seems as though most of America, including non-whites, aren’t buying their never-ending claims of racism.