There comes a point in everyone’s life when things start going downhill a bit. It’s suddenly harder to climb stairs, get up out of a chair, read a book, or remember where you left your car keys.

Depending on your genetics and overall lifestyle, this can begin at very different ages for most people, with some being diagnosed with arthritis in their mid-thirties or even earlier. In contrast, others seem to make it to their late seventies before displaying much in the way of physical or even mental pain.

When these downhill happenings occur, mobility is limited, diets are changed, and common practices like driving are revoked. There’s no shame in it; it’s just part of life. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept.

And for those on President Joe Biden’s White House staff, there is even more reason to want to deny this not-so-fun part of life that he is obviously well past entering.

I mean, have you seen his first-ever solo news conference?

He was given a cheat sheet, complete with a list of those who he was supposed to call, and more notes than ever seen on the presidential podium at one time, not to mention a teleprompter. And he still couldn’t make sense of a great many of his lines.

Sure, it seemed to be more coherent than some of his other comments or public appearances, but it was far from the speeches he used to give not just five years ago.

And the same cannot be said of his most recent press conference on Monday, in which he spoke of the ongoing battle against COVID and the need to never stop wearing masks.

He stumbled over his words, slurred many more, and seemed to forget his train of thought on so many occasions it would only be natural to question the man’s cognitive abilities. I mean, just check out this video.

How many blubbering mistakes can you catch in this 53-second span?

It’s not even a question of politics anymore. I could love the man and his policies, but if I see him bumbling about the stage, not knowing what to say next, unable to get a simple word like “failure” out, and on occasion not even remembering where he is, I’m going to grow concerned.

Any American in their right mind would.

And we all know these are not the first instances where such mishaps of speech or gaffes have occurred. During his campaign, there were almost too many to count. And putting him in the oval office hasn’t stemmed those at all.

No wonder it’s taken two whole months and then some for him to be allowed to hold his own press conferences. No wonder he is always surrounded by a bevy of personal on every side to reduce the occurrence of him being put in front of a microphone or camera, or at the very least give him the right words to say.

If it is realized that the political left’s beloved leader is incapable of doing the job at hand, they could lose it all. And I mean, it all.

Biden would, of course, be out, leaving Kamala Harris to run things. But she’s honestly already doing that, and poorly, I might add.

Have you seen the numerous complaints on a daily basis about the Biden administration and how they’re handling things, particularly when it comes to immigration and the southern border? And these complaints aren’t just coming from renowned Republicans and conservatives.

No, we now have unions who once endorsed Biden for the presidency, political groups who garnered more votes for him, all unhappy and decrying betrayal now that the man and his not-so-capable team are in office.

No one is going to want this kind of administration to continue. You can bet that America will yank Harris from the White House at the earliest available chance and put someone who actually gets things done in the Oval Office.

And by the way things are looking, it’s bound to be someone far more conservative in nature, as America is already growing tired of the radical steps the Democratic Party is taking.