As usual in a presidential election year, gun sales throughout the US were up this year. However, never have we seen numbers like this before.

According to an anti-gun sales watchdog group known as The Trace, Americans bought an estimated and rather whopping 21 million guns this year. Compared to last year, this is a 73 percent increase, based on the number of FBI background checks completed.

The Trace used data from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System combined with knowledge on how many of those background checks result in actual firearm sales from the months of January to the end of November.

21 million guns!

That’s a lot of firearms.

Naturally, The Trace, as they were created and funded by former NYC Mayor and failed anti-gun presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg and his Everytown for Gun Safety initiative, isn’t thrilled about these numbers. They claim, as does most of the leftward leaning of politics that the more guns are available and out there, the more danger Americans will be in.

And just as naturally, we have quite the opposite view.

Yes, guns can be dangerous. But they are what allows Americans to stay free and protected, whether from would-be assailants or an oppressive and left-leaning government.

So let’s break down this year’s gun sales a bit more.

The month which sold the most firearms was June when Americans bought an estimated 2.7 million. Note that this is directly following the death of George Floyd in late May, and so the beginning of what America could very well call our most controversial time of civil unrest in modern times.

Riots, not-so-peaceful protests, and general chaos were happening everywhere it seemed, especially in Democratically governed states and cities. For the most part, police were outlawed and shunned, with cities such as Minneapolis and New York City making plans to defund their law enforcement.

All of this left Americans on both sides feeling unsafe and unprotected. So, of course, they ran out to buy their own protection and participate in their Second Amendment rights. This year, most gun shops and outdoor retail centers boasted more first-time and Democratic gun sales than ever before.

July’s gun sales only diminished slightly, putting 2.5 million more guns into American hands. And the third most popular gun sale month was March, right after the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the many lockdowns and social distancing mandates put into place by leaders everywhere.

However, it is estimated that gun sales every month would have been much higher – would the supply of firearms and ammunition been able to keep up with the demand.

As I mentioned above, this year saw a rather sudden and unexpected increase in firearm sales of about 73 percent nationally, making it very hard for manufacturers to keep up.

Vista Outdoor CEO Christopher Metz recently said, “We have cleaned inventory in all retail and wholesale locations.” And yet, the demand for more is still there.

Metz added, “Despite us producing flat our for six months, there is no buildup of inventory at any of our customers. In fact, every one of them would like significantly more. Simply put, consumer demand continues to outpace our ability to supply.”

And Vista isn’t the only manufacturer seeing this trend.

Nearly every ammo and firearm manufacturer in the nation and even worldwide has seen an increase in production, as well as a massive rise in employee hires, and this year and yet, due to the enormous demand, is still nowhere closer to meeting that demand.

According to The American Rifleman, a publication owned by the National Rifle Association, the national shortage of ammunition and firearms is expected to continue well into 2021.

Although, if Biden and his goons have anything to say about it, 2021 will be the year firearms are taken from Americans, along with their constitutional freedoms. Not that those threats are keeping us from buying them up left and right. If anything, they are encouraging gun sales like never before.

No wonder it was such a record year.