As you well know, the democrats and their propaganda wing, AKA, mainstream media have done well to portray Joe Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris as the new president-elect and vice president, respectively.  And as such, the party finds itself in the throes of celebration, albeit slightly jilted by the epic losses received in both the House and Senate.

However, that assumed win comes with a few drawbacks. Well, really, it all boils down to one rather big one: neither of their supposed winners will likely do very well at the jobs handed to them.

For all intents and purposes, Biden is well on his way to a nursing home and, more specifically, the dementia ward. It has been stated that the only real reason why he was chosen as the party’s candidate was that he was too far gone to know otherwise and, therefore, would simply follow in line with what the party wanted. In fact, progressive congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, somewhat bluntly cited that he was just the type of trojan horse the left needed to gain power.

And Kamala, well, she was basically chosen to appease that growing left and their demands – based on little more than the fact that she is a woman and one of color at that. Like former president Barack Obama, her heritage and outward appearance gave her more credence than her actual achievements or beliefs.

So, where does that leave us?

Well, for the very near future, the recent appointments to staff and administration made by the Biden/Harris ticket will likely allow the failing duo to limp the country along, if obviously pushing it further to the left.

But when 2024 gets here, no one is likely to keep either in such high positions, leaving a wide-open primary field for the party.

Enter New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

At least that seems to be what Hollywood is suggesting should happen.

This week the International Emmy Founders Award was handed to the liberal and wholly ineffective state leader “in recognition of his leadership during the Covid19 pandemic & his masterful use of TV to inform & calm people around the world.”

Firstly, I’d like to know who was calmed by Cuomo’s announcement that positive COVID patients would be sent back into nursing homes all over the state, allowing thousands of our nation’s most-at-risk to be further infected and killed off?

I’m pretty sure that just about anywhere else on the planet, as well as the history books of the future, will note this one of the most horrible decisions a leader could ever make for his people during such a time, whether it made intentionally or not.

Furthermore, I’d like to know how the daily rehashing of numbers of those infected and those who had died in some of the nation’s most populated areas brought a sense of peace. Neither would the near-constant blame game he seemed to always be playing. I mean, how many times can you throw a fit on national television, blaming our commander in chief for a disease he has no control over?

I would also note that keeping stores, businesses, and schools closed indefinitely, all while raising taxes, likely did little to alleviate his citizens’ worries about what tomorrow would bring.

And yet, the progressive elite is still honoring him with a ‘good job, well done’ and a gold star. Not that he hasn’t tried to give that to himself. I mean, what else does a book about how excellently he handled a pandemic that is still ongoing say? Oh, and he just gave himself a $25,000 raise, while many in New York still aren’t allowed to go back to work.

But if you are going to impress upon the nation that Biden’s replacement should be this man, you have to sell him somehow. His recently published book on his failures will likely only add to their claim that he is everything a leader should be and more while completely ignoring the fact that nearly ten thousand seniors have died in his state under his not so sensical rule.