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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time we all start to think about our holiday plans. Usually, these plans would likely include large family gatherings around the table, eating some of our favorite foods and family recipes. However, due to COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic, this year might look a little different.

Thanks to travel restrictions, local or state guidelines or just the respect of an elderly loved one, many of us will be spending Turkey Day a little more secluded than usual.

And for New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that’s just fine. The heartless squad member announced this past week, per Politico’s Erin Durkin, that she would be celebrating the holiday all by her lonesome.

Instead of the usual family dinner and guests, AOC and her family will be cooking the same family meal and eating it “together” over Zoom.

As AOC says of the plans, it’s “Time to get creative, folks!”

But, of course, the announcement doesn’t seem to be part of a plan to keep her family safe or much of a sacrifice. Instead, it looks like more of a political move, as is typical of the self-proclaimed socialist.

Just the day before her holiday plans were made known, the Democratic governor of New York, the elderly killing Andrew Cuomo himself, had a statement made on his behalf.  Basically, it was a cancellation of the holiday in all its glory and reprimand for all those in his state who dared to have a little fun in the past weeks.

The statement said that “indoor and outdoor gatherings at private residences will be limited to no more than 10 people. The limit will be implemented due to the recent prevalence of COVID spread resulting from small indoor gatherings, including Halloween parties. These gatherings have become a major cause of cluster activity across the state.”

The statement went on to describe how contact tracing had found that most new cases resulted from “establishments where alcohol is served, gyms, and indoor gatherings at private homes.” And as such, similar behaviors would be frowned upon in the near future, hence the limit on Thanksgiving.

According to his spokesman, Cuomo noted that the only way the state was going to stay “a step ahead of COVID” was by backing off “economic activity” and closing things down. But in order to do so, he would need local law enforcements’ help.

“The rules are only as good as the enforcement. Local governments are in charge of enforcement. There are only two fundamental truths in this situation: it’s individual discipline and it’s government enforcement. Period. End of sentence. I need the local governments to enforce this.”

But I doubt his begging or demanding – however you want to take this – is going to make enforcing any easier.

After all, it wasn’t but just last week when New Yorkers by the thousands descended upon Times Square and other NYC streets to celebrate the assumed win of Joe Biden for the presidency. Sure, most of the celebrating was done outside. But what about all the subway cars and buses that were packed full to get people there? What about the thousands of private afterparties held in people’s homes and apartments?

No one was complaining about contact tracing or infection rates then. Governor Cuomo didn’t give one reprimand or bad word towards the celebrations that broke his own social distancing guidelines and neither did NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

And yet just one week afterward, and not even a full one at that, they are suddenly both saying that we need to lock everything down again because of the upcoming holiday? I don’t think so.

Not that anyone besides devout liberals will be following these new rules anyway.

According to the comments AOC got on her upcoming Turkey Day plans, many will be going out of their way to show these progressive lawmakers just how little control they have over American citizens, with most proclaiming to host their “largest Thanksgiving gathering yet” and in-person too.

Oh, they’ll get creative, as AOC says. But they’ll do it by not social distancing, not wearing a mask, and not eating over Zoom.