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When now-official president-elect Joe Biden announced that he had chosen Senator and former California AG Kamala Harris for his vice president, many were disappointed. Even more were unsure of exactly what he saw in her that qualified her as the companion to his upcoming years in the White House.

And while the jury is still out on that for the most part, we are starting to some similarities between the two that could explain it just a bit.

So what does the congresswoman named most socialistic and left-leaning in the entire government have in common with the so-called moderate has been?

Well, it seems they both have a penchant for telling tall-tales and plagiarizing.

You might remember when Biden claimed that he had been arrested and jailed once while on a trip to South Africa with the late and great Nelson Mandela when he was a young senator.

Now, Biden did, in fact, travel to South Africa as part of a congressional delegation when he was a senator. And Nelson Mandela was most certainly in jail at the time.

But Biden was not.

And to falsely insinuate that he was somehow part of Mandela’s claim to fame or legacy is more than a bit disconcerting.

Of course, the liberally backed media did little to correct Biden’s claims or even to fact check him at the time. As usual, they were quick to allow him this indiscretion in the hopes that he could oust President Trump from the Oval Office.

It seems Kamala has learned from her mentor quite well, as a story that came out last week proves.

According to an Elle magazine profile of the soon to be vice president, Harris was once involved in a civil rights march as a child.

She claims that she was being pushed along in a stroller during this time, but as most children’s equipment in those days had little safety regulations, she was not strapped in and soon fell out. But in all the chaos and noise, her parents failed to notice her situation and kept walking.

Now, it wasn’t long before her parents realized she was missing and turned around to find her not so happily lying on the ground.

Kamala claims that when her mother found her, she asked, “Baby, what do you want? What do you need?” And Harris, in her oh so political youth, said, “Fweedom.”

Now, if this sounds familiar to you, it’s because MLK Jr. told a very similar story. Yes, that’s right, the world-renowned Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1965, he told Alex Haley of the Playboy magazine of a little girl in Birmingham.

“I never will forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little Negro girl, seven or eight years old, who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. ‘What do you want?’ the policeman asked her gruffly, and the little girl looked at him straight in the eye and answered, ‘Fee-dom.’ She couldn’t even pronounce it.”

Now, clearly, there are some differences to the two stories.

I’m going to assume that Harris isn’t trying to insinuate that she was the semi-famous little girl MLK talked about. I mean, it certainly sounds as though that’s what she means, but just looking at the facts, we know it’s not true.

Firstly, we don’t really know when this “demonstration” happened. As mentioned, the interview was done in 1965, and the girl was said to be seven or eight years old. Kamala was born in 1964.

So while she might have been alive when the interview was taken, it’s clear she couldn’t have been that same child.

And yet, she seems to have no problem hinting at the idea that she was. Of course, neither did Elle magazine nor the writer for the profile on Harris, Ashley C. Ford. Ford and Elle went right along with the story, neither fact-checking nor questioning what might be not so honorable intentions from the former senator.

MLK Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, on the other hand, does.

In fact, according to her and many others, Kamala’s story is nothing but plagiarism pure and simple.

And she adds that Harris, contrary to what she might have you believe, is nothing like MLK Jr.

King said, “Kamala knows her world view is totally different than the world view of Martin Luther King Jr., so it’s a big stretch for her to compare herself or to sound like him or to use some of his analogies.”

Indeed, it is.

I mean, who does she think she is? As King notes, Kamala supports “kill(ing) the public, and that would include babies in the womb.” MLK Jr. did not.

She is, indeed, nothing like him.