We are right now at one of the most divisive stages this nation has ever seen – some would say even more divided than before or during the Civil War. And similarly, it’s all due to politics.

More specifically, it all seems to surround one man, Donald J. Trump.

The political left will say that is because he is quite simply a divisive person, prone to inciting hate and violence between our country’s citizens.

One of their most recent examples of “proof” comes to us by way of Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. While being a GOP member and serving that party in Congress for six terms now, Kinzinger has never seemed to like Trump all that much.

In fact, even at the beginning of Trump’s tenure, he tended to belittle or disrespect Trump because of his personality and forthright mannerisms. However, he did agree with most of the former president’s policies. But that all changed after the Jan. 6 protest in DC that included a violent invasion of the Capitol grounds.

The next day, Kinzinger posted a video to his Twitter account rescinding Trump’s support and calling for him to be ousted. According to him, the president was “unmoored” from reality and what our country needed, and, therefore, the 25th Amendment should have been “invoked.”

Much to the liberals rejoicing, this “useful idiot” for the left was soon disowned from his very own family.

Kinzinger’s cousin, Karen Otto, along with ten other family members, penned a letter to the congressman expressing their deepest disappointment in him and how embarrassed they were to have him as part of their family.

Otto wrote, “Oh my, what a disappointment you are to us and to God! We were once so proud of your accomplishments! Instead, you go against your Christian principles and join the ‘devil’s army’ (Democrats and the fake news media.”

Her two-page missive continued, saying, “It is now most embarrassing to us that we are related to you. You have embarrassed the Kinzinger family name… We are thoroughly disgusted with you!! And, oh by the way, we are calling for your removal from office.”

I have to imagine that stung a bit.

But they weren’t the only ones upset with Kinzinger. Members of the GOP all across the state of Illinois have since called upon the party to punish him for his actions and lack of attention to his constituents.

According to the LaSalle County Republican chairman, Larry Smith, most of Kinzinger’s county has been in full support of Trump from day one. And yet, time and time again, the congressman, who is supposed to voice this support in Washington, has ignored it, choosing instead to be swayed by the politics of it all.

This has led 88 percent of the county’s GOP committeemen to vote in favor of reprimanding Kinzinger. And many have even threatened to cut their support of the party if “Kinzinger’s behavior isn’t addressed.”

Naturally, the liberals are claiming this as just one more way that the Republican Party has been twisted by Trump, disowning their own for such a thing as not voting for a politician they admire.

But in reality, I don’t see how the Democrats are any different – and it’s not just been a recent development.

Take Democrat Gayle McCormick, for example. She separated from her 81-year-old husband in 2016 after he chose to vote for Trump and not Hillary.

Or what about Sarah Guth? She decided to stop talking to several lifetime friends simply because they supported Trump, and apparently, that meant they “don’t have anything in common” anymore.

Then there is the sad case of Mayra Gomez. Her very own son disowned her after telling him that she planned to vote for Trump in 2020.  

Family is something that is supposed to stand by your side no matter what. And yet, with the current cancel culture atmosphere purported by the left, even that seems to no longer matter when it comes to politics. Instead, it’s all about being woke and not offending anyone.

Trump proved that he doesn’t care about being that way, so he’s been labeled as evil. In reality, the real evil seems to be lurking in the hearts of those who put politics before real life and family.