There’s no denying at this point that the national economy under former President Donald Trump was far better than the one being put in place today. If you have any uncertainty on the matter, just ask any small business owner.

Under the Trump administration, regulations that limited business and economic gains were pulled back, allowing states and individuals to control their growth and affect communities. And as a result, the nation prospered.

Businesses were growing, everyday citizens were getting paid more, and unemployment records across the board were at record lows.

Now, some of you might say that the state of the economy right now isn’t really newly-elected President Joe Biden’s fault. I mean, there was a pandemic that forced the shutdown of businesses and communities nationwide.

And to some extent, you are correct.

But, at this point, the pandemic, while still in existence, is nothing like what it was.

We have multiple vaccines, all of which seem to be doing wonders in reducing the number of infected. Communities, or at least those not under the thumb of a liberal dictator, have opened back up. Kids are going to school, and mask mandates are being rescinded.

So what’s keeping our economy from growing and bouncing back as it showed signs of doing while Trump was still in office?

Well, according to Iowa Republican Representative Ashley Hinson and many other Americans, it all has to do with the many regulations and executive orders Biden has since placed on the nation.

And that’s precisely why she is putting forth legislation that would prevent Biden from undoing anymore of Trump’s deregulatory reforms.

In a recent news release, Hinson said, “President Trump worked to unravel the regulatory web in Washington and pull back the heavy hand of government that hurts small businesses, farmers, and workers. Coupled with tax cuts, this unleashed the strongest economy in modern history.”


“Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has rescinded many successful deregulatory policies and is embracing a big government mindset that will pull down our economy when we need growth and hurt rural communities in Iowa. That’s why I introduced legislation to save President Trump’s deregulatory agenda and make his pro-growth policies permanent.”

Now, she can’t save all of Trump’s policies, as Biden has already torn down more than a few.

But her Red Tape Reduction Act, as the bill is called, can keep five. And those five are:

And business owners like entrepreneur Jerry Akers of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, says this is precisely what is needed.

He told the press, “Unreasonable regulations from the federal government make it harder on our small business to operate. These requirements often make absolutely no sense and do far more harm than good.” And he added, “Now, more than ever, we need the government to get out of the way and stay out of the way.”

And unless kept in check by bills like this, Biden’s administration will do anything but that. Just look at his track record so far.

In the mere two months since Biden has taken over, he’s proposed massive tax hikes on both businesses and individuals, cut thousands of jobs, and promised the world to nearly every foreigner even thinking about making a migration to America.

And what has he gotten to show for it? An economy that’s not doing much better than it was nearly six months ago, during the height of the pandemic. As I said, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which way is better.