As coronavirus and its subsequent pandemic is still a relatively new world development, albeit a year-long now, it’s entirely reasonable that we would have more than a few unknowns. At first, we had little more information than it was a disease that attacked the respiratory system and could be deadly.

Naturally, as our experience with the beast has grown as time continues, we have learned a few things.

Wearing masks helps to protect you and others. Wait, masks don’t really work. Just stay inside and away from everyone and everything. On second thought, it appears masks do work.

Lockdowns are a must, especially when it comes to our youth and, therefore, our schools. Then again, it seems that children are less affected than adults. We should open schools. No, wait, let’s keep them closed just in case.

Etc., etc., etc.

If you are anything like me, it seems that every time we turn around, someone is coming up with a new and grand idea to impose on Americans, supposedly, to keep us safe and healthy. And yet, those decisions are not always based on fact.

In fact, according to the continually changing mind of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a man who is supposed to have the most accurate knowledge about this disease and how it should be handled, it’s more of a political game.

Remember when he told us that we didn’t need to wear masks? And then, a few months later, he changed his mind, saying that masks were mandatory if we were to kick this pandemic to the curb.

Then he said that schools needed to be closed and for as long as possible to prevent transmitting the possibly deadly disease to our youth and their teachers. Of course, he later decided this wasn’t a must, as school closings seemed not to affect the number of cases in any given community.

Most recently, the man has claimed that Americans should be doubling, if not tripling up on masks, as “it only made ‘common sense’ to have another layer of protection,” according to Breitbart. This was on January 25.

Now, usually, as with the other two given examples, it usually takes Dr. Fauci a few weeks or even months before he publicly announces a revision on his opinion. Mind you, he never apologizes or says that he’s changed his mind. He merely states his current view and tries to spout some “scientific” reasoning as to why it is that way.

But in this more recent case, it took Fauci a mere four days to recant his statement about increasing the number of masks one should be wearing at any given time. On Thursday, he stated that there is “no data that indicates that (double-masking) is going to make a difference.”

Four days… to change his mind and to mess with American heads and lives.

Now, in this instance, his indecision or change thereof likely won’t have much of any effect on American life. Most people are already wearing at least one mask when out in public. Those who chose to wear more than one weren’t really putting themselves more at risk of anything by following his advice.

However, according to multiple sources, as well as the Washington Examiner, not all of his decisions have been so easily undone.

Take his stance on school closings, for example.

As the Examiner notes, Fauci ignored months of “President Trump and lawmakers demanding that schools must be open and warning that the effects from lockdowns could be devasting. Studies from the U.S. and abroad have already shown that keeping children from school has had serious consequences, with suicides among youths rising… and an overall increase of mental health-related emergency department visits for youths across the U.S.”

While he is still human, is allowed to make mistakes, and can’t be expected to know everything or every outcome, this is a man who is supposed to be making decisions for our country’s betterment. He is supposed to base his decisions on facts, on evidence, on science.

And yet, time and time again, he seems to be saying those things don’t really matter compared to his amount of “common sense” or intelligence or the political power that could be gained.

Furthermore, his bad decisions are costing lives. If he can’t be objective, reliable, and trustworthy, as he’s proven to be insufficient, maybe it’s high he is replaced with a leader who is.