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As parents, we have a great responsibility to our children and also to society. Sure, we are to care for their physical needs, making sure they are clothed, fed, and see a doctor regularly, as any loving parent would do. But more than that, we have been charged with making sure that, one day, our children become successful and participating members of society.

And that means teaching them lessons that will create good and respectful ideas. When a child is young, most parents teach simple things like not hitting their friends, siblings, or authority figures just because they aren’t getting what they want. This encourages them to control their emotions as well as respect those around them.

However, as children age and in today’s society, they spend more and more time away from their parents. This means parents have to trust teachers and school instructors to continue teaching their children good and moral ideas and the necessary academics to be successful later in life.

But what happens when your child comes home with lessons that aren’t so moral or teach them to be ashamed of who they are?

At this point, a parent should be able to stand up and, at the very least, question those lessons.

However, as one parent in Massachusetts just learned, the liberal schools of today apparently don’t believe that’s ok.

David Flynn is the father of a seventh-grade girl who attends middle school in the same district as the high school where he coaches football. Recently he began to notice some rather strange and concerning assignments coming home with his daughter from her “World Geography and Ancient History I” class.

As the title of the class suggests, you’d think Flynn’s daughter would be learning about various countries around the world, where they are, and how they came to be.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to Flynn, most lessons are actually based on “race, gender, stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, and politics.”

In one particular assignment, his daughter was even asked to judge two people based on their outward appearance. One was a white police officer, and the other a black man. The class was to “assess the risk factors” of each as they walked down the street and determine how dangerous they both were.

Naturally, Flynn was put off by the assignment, as well as several other similarly racial or gender charged lessons being taught.

And so he contacted the school board. I mean, that is what a school board is technically there for, right? To serve as a way to communicate with the community and make sure that all parties involved are getting what they need?

Flynn sent an email to three Dedham School Committee members in October, expressing his concern.

He explained to the school superintendent “that if the teacher teaches the course objectively and removes the BLM logo from the class, people will soon get over the fact that the class was purposely created without notifying parents and without having a visible course curriculum, syllabus and learning objective.”

Soon afterward, Flynn was called to a meeting by the superintendent, Michael Welch, Principal Jim Forrest, and athletic director Stephen Traister. In the meeting, the email and the concerns Flynn had over his daughter’s education were discussed.

Afterward, the trio informed Flynn that he would no longer be allowed to work as a high school coach. He was fired.

Then they wrote a letter to all football players and parents, informing them that “Mr. Flynn… has expressed significant philosophical differences with direction, goals, and values of the school district.” And, therefore, “we felt it best to seek different leadership for the program at this time.”

Flynn had coached for the Dedham High School football team for nearly ten years now without incident. He was well-liked by his co-workers and by the students

And yet, the minute he begins to question what his daughter is being taught in school, he’s fired.

Since when is it not a parent’s concern what their child is being taught? He should have every right to stand up for his daughter’s education and make sure that what is being taught is fact and not just someone’s political opinion.

But apparently, the liberal left that seems to run American education doesn’t agree.

Naturally, Flynn isn’t letting this slide. He has since filed a lawsuit against the three school officials. And we hope, for the sake of all children, that he wins and proves to the left that they are not in charge of our children’s future.