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Like everywhere else in the world, New York City is struggling due to COVID and the pandemic it has spread. Countless businesses are closed, some for good, and thousands of people are out of work. But in NYC’s Queens, some of the hardship could have been avoided.

Enter the diabolical and near socialistic AOC.

Individuals and business owners alike blame New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for much of the community’s pain and heartache right now.

In particular, is her 2019 decision to block the coming of Amazon headquarters into the area.

The tech giant had proposed to make Queens their new headquarters location, bringing with it some 25,000 new jobs to be filled and hundreds of thousands in revenue for the local community.

But AOC, as usual, wasn’t thinking of her community. Instead, she was far more concerned with her own agenda and making a name for herself. Part of that quest was her and the left’s war on Big Tech and corporate America, as well as a complete restructuring of our tax brackets and process.

She tweeted last February, while the move was still being considered, “Not sure how many pundits talking about Amazon even read the deal or where it was going. $500 + million of the deal was *capital grants.* $2.5 billion in tax breaks. It’s fair to ask why we don’t invest the capital for public use, + why we don’t give working people the tax break.”

Now, I’m not saying that I agree that companies like Amazon should be given these kinds of tax breaks. However, for the sake of her constituents, she could have put that aside for the time being. Some things are simply more important.

But, of course, she didn’t.

Due to her constant negativity about the move and a few pushes from her allies, Amazon decided to forget about Queens, seeking a more hospitable neighborhood than one where AOC resided.

And since then, the lot where Amazon was to creating booming income for New Yorkers everywhere has remained empty – a reminder of what could have been and the dreams AOC forced from the community.

As the New York Post says, the lack of the company in the area, coupled with the strain of the pandemic, “haunts” the entire community.

Business owners such as Gianna Cerbone, the Manducatis Rustica restaurant owner, told the Post, “I’m angry at the stupidity. Everybody fears AOC, who has no idea what she’s doing. Opposing Amazon benefitted other communities. Imagine if AOC did something positive with her big mouth.”

I do have to wonder at that. While not being very knowledgeable about capitalism or money, especially for being an economics major, AOC is passionate and certainly has a way of connecting to people. If, as Cerbone says, she used those powers for the better, she could do a world of good.

Instead, she is fixated on doing things that only serve herself.

You know, like selling ‘Tax the Rich’ attire at outrageous prices during a pandemic and national time of crisis.

Eric Benaim, CEO of Modern Spaces realty, finds it rather hypocritical, not to mention idiotic.

He said, “I’m watching AOC selling ‘tax the rich’ T-shirts for $58 while businesses are leaving New York. That’s AOC’s solution. Who is going to pay $58 for a T-shirt when you’re out of a job?”

Pretty good question, huh?

And there were plenty more who felt just as passionate about AOC’s lack of community spirit.

Her and others’ leadership skills are exactly why so many people are leaving New York for greener pastures. You know, somewhere taxes aren’t through the roof, somewhere their representatives actually listen and care for their needs.

For now, New Yorkers will have to wait another two years until AOC, and most of the swamp that makes up NYC leadership can be ousted. She was voted back into office with 71.6 of the vote and $18.9 million in campaign funds. Of course, in areas like Queens, New York, a monkey could win if they say they’re a Democrat.

Maybe next time, the people will seek to put someone in that seat who will put them first, instead of their own wants.