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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, immunity has been a topic of much discussion. The immediate thought was that if you contracted the virus, you would be immune to it for some time, as is the case with most diseases. However, as COVID was so new and everything about it vastly unknown, this was deemed by the scientific and medical world to be a theory or hope and nothing more.

And so, as you well know, the political left, along with their propaganda machine, also known as mainstream media, used the fear of non-existent immunity to push along their agenda, commanding more power and even getting their dream president instated at the White House.

Statements like the following from Bloomberg’s Andreas Kluth became the norm.

“We’re in for seemingly endless cycles of outbreaks and remissions, social restrictions and relaxations, lockdowns and reopenings.”

Thankfully, it appears fear is all it is.

Monday, a study was published in Nature by researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis that actually proves immunity for the disease does exist, and it looks to be long-lasting – even for those with only mild cases.

Associate professor of pathology and immunology of medicine and of molecular microbiology and senior author Ali Ellebedy explains, “Last fall, there were reports that antibodies wane quickly after infection with the virus that causes COVID-19, and mainstream media interpreted that to mean that immunity was not long-lived.”

But as Ellebedy claims, “(T)hat’s a misinterpretation of the data.”

He explains that levels of antibodies going down immediately following any type of infection are very typical. But just because they “go down” doesn’t mean they cease to exist. Instead, Ellebedy says, “they plateau.”

This is because, in most cases, and COVID included, these cells are contained in the body’s bone marrow, which doesn’t change much throughout a person’s life.

And in the case of COVID-19, these “antibody-producing cells” were found in people as long as 11 months after their first virus symptoms. As the study says, “That’s strong evidence for long-lasting immunity.”

That’s even the case with those who only had very mild cases of COVID-19.

“People with mild cases of COVID-19 clear the virus from their bodies two to three weeks after infection, so there would be no virus driving an active immune response seven or 11 months after infection. As Ellebedy says, “These cells are not dividing. They are quiescent, just sitting in the bone marrow and secreting antibodies. They have been doing that ever since the infection resolved, and they will continue doing that indefinitely.”

The question is if the same can be said for those who had asymptomatic cases of coronavirus or those who merely received the vaccine, which is the next to be tackled by the group.

The assumption so far, and based on this study, is that yes, those with asymptomatic cases or vaccines would also carry long-lasting antibodies for the infection.

This idea is only furthered by the knowledge that SARS, which is very similar genetically to COVID-19, acts this way. Survivors of SARS have been found to carry hardy T-cell immunity through antibodies as long as 17 years after their initial infection.

Of course, I doubt the political left will be all too thrilled to hear this. Maybe they will be on a personal health level and for their children, but when it comes to keeping their power and imposing new ways to mandate servitude from us, they will be at a loss.

This study proves that there will come a time when the pandemic is entirely over when mask mandates will become obsolete, when social distancing is forgotten, and when shutdowns are a thing of the past. And with the absence of those things will come the liberties the American people need to stay free and independent, without the government dictating our every move.

That time is really already here. It’s just taking the liberal media and near socialistic White House a little longer than usual to come to that conclusion.