It has been assumed by many in recent months that we will soon hear news about Donald Trump running for the White House again in 2024. In fact, many of us have wondered why we haven’t heard such information yet. After all, it’s not like Trump lost by all that much or that Biden has turned out to be very competent in his job.

So why hasn’t Trump made such an announcement?

According to multiple sources, and it seems a large portion of the nation, there is still a path for Trump to take back the White House without running for office. And by that, I mean he could be reinstated.

Or at least that’s the thought.

As the political left would claim, Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election fair and square. And Congress certified those results, announcing the winner of 2020 to be Biden. If this were true, Trump would have no other way back to the Oval Office except through another election.

As The Hill recently wrote, “There is no constitutional or legal mechanism for Trump to return to office in 2021 after losing to President Biden in last year’s election.”

But what if it wasn’t true?

There has been a massive amount of alleged voter fraud cases turning up all across the nation, for starters. So much so, in fact, that Maricopa County, Arizona, the location of Phoenix and some 1.6 million people, has decided to hold a forensic audit of the election to discover if any election fraud actually occurred.

And now that the audit is beginning to wrap up, other battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia have recommended that similar audits be held in their most densely populated counties.

The question is, what happens when one or more than one of those counties or states verifies that it should have been given Trump and not Biden?

According to Trump himself in a recent interview with Just the News’ David Brody, “If the election is fraudulent, people are gonna have to make up their own minds.” He says, “It won’t be up to me. It’s gonna be up to the public. It’s gonna be up to, perhaps, politicians.”

And as he reminded Brody, he has still yet to concede to Biden. This means he’s never given up his right to the White House, should something happen to prove that Biden really lost.

Furthermore, The Hill just might be wrong in saying there’s no “constitutional or legal mechanism” that could get Trump reinstated.

According to former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn, “To say there’s not a path is a misunderstanding of the Constitution.”

He explained to Dr. Gina Loudon on her podcast, Real America’s Voice, that the Constitution is a “negative rights document.” This means that it lists illegal things – things like prohibiting free speech on a federal or state level or taking away our right to bear arms.

It also means that anything not listed, say the ability to drive a car or go swimming, is legal and unconstitutional.

As Epshteyn says, “Processes not laid out in the Constitution are assumed actually to be constitutional.” And guess what? There’s nothing in the Constitution about a former president being reinstated because of voter fraud.

So, it could then be assumed that it’s completely legitimate and legal for such a thing to happen.

Additionally, he points out that according to the Tenth Amendment, as well as the Twelfth Amendment and Article II of the Constitution, whatever is not listed in that document is left up to the states and state legislatures to decide upon.

Now, obviously, as Epshteyn notes, this could become a very sticky situation, as it is a national election being decided upon by states that may or may not agree with each other. And that means it will likely be put before the Supreme Court.

This doesn’t mean that Trump will be reinstated, as some 30 percent of Republicans, 26 percent of independents, and even 13 percent of Democrats believe will happen this year. However, it does mean that it’s entirely possible – and legally so.