No doubt there are those of you who likely believe current Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is the worst option for the Old Dominion at this point. After all, this is a man who has begun a massive movement to limit Second Amendment rights and supported what can only really be called “fourth-trimester” abortion in recent years.

In addition, he was also accused of wearing blackface once during his years in medical school, of which there are photos to prove it. The only reason he has seemingly gotten away with it is that he admitted to wearing blackface one other time and says if he had done it twice, he would have remembered. It didn’t hurt him that his second in command was accused of sexual assault around the same time, and it was discovered that his third-in-line also dressed in blackface once.

However, as bad as all that is, Northam is quickly being proven as better than at least one other gubernatorial candidate in his state.

Enter former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe served as state governor for Virginia from 2014-2018, and as he did not win the following consecutive term, is allowed to serve again, should he win another election. And he’s hoping that election will be in 2021.

There’s just one small problem; he has increasingly shown that he’s the last person who should be given the job, even behind the state’s current governor.


Well, for starters, he’s about as establishment engrained as they come. Not only is he a close friend and confidant to former President Bill Clinton and his failed wife Hillary, but McAuliffe was also the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, you know, the political body charged with choosing their party’s entire leadership structure.

Those ties alone should be enough for any right-minded or sane person to look anywhere but in his direction. But then there’s also the fact that he has blatantly and without remorse admitted to mixing business with politics – and getting his business contacts to pay for his politics.

Take this quote by him included in a 1999 New York Times article written about him. He said, “I’ve met all of my business contacts through politics. It’s all interrelated.” And of course, he later added, “then I raise money from them.”

I mean, if that doesn’t smell of corruption, I don’t know what does.

But it gets worse.

In the years since McAuliffe has been in office, it seems he has strayed even farther to the left, now even saddling up with a progressive, anti-police organization to get more votes and funding for his current campaign.

And when he was questioned about such ties at a recent Virginia Sheriff’s Association event by local law enforcement, he became so defensive and enraged he practically attacked the man asking him questions.

According to Fox News, the tense exchange happened when Virginia’s Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin began asking McAuliffe about his association and recent endorsement from a group whose social media posts and website label them as a “large defund the police organization who want to abolish prisons and (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).”

McAuliffe noted that he was “proud” of receiving the group’s endorsement and claimed that like all other endorsements he may receive, he wasn’t responsible for their beliefs or “what they’re going to do.”

But when he was further asked if he had or would ever support defund the police, he became what can only be called belligerent and aggressive. He even went so far as to ask if Partin had lost his mind, claiming that his “track record” and four previous years as the state’s governor should be all the proof anyone needs that he is for police and not against them.

Beyond that, he wouldn’t “even dignify that with an answer.” Partin wasn’t about to take McAuliffe at his word and said as much, to which the former DNC chair basically yelled that he didn’t “care” what the sheriff believed.

He’s starting to sound a little like Democratic President Joe Biden if you ask me. I mean, first, he’s as establishment as they come, and his “track record” proves it. But now, when questioned about recent hypocritical ties to the woke Left, he nearly blows his top and refuses to answer anything further.

I think we can all agree at this point; this is the last kind of leader we need in our country or state right now, even behind Mr. Blackface himself.