As you well know, there have been a massive number of vote fraud allegations following the 2020 general election, with former President Donald Trump being one of the loudest voices on the subject. However, with the help of their propaganda wing, aka mainstream media, the left has counted all of these as false, claiming that very few, if any, election violations occurred.

But, as I am sure you have heard, that’s not exactly the truth.

Take DuPage County, Illinois, for example, where it was alleged that some 32 cases of voter fraud happened related to the 2020 general election.

Here, unlike with most instances of alleged voter fraud around the country, the powers that be, in this case, the State’s Attorney’s office, actually investigated those cases.

And in five of them, the defendants were found guilty.

DuPage State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in a recent statement, “I would like to thank County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek and her office for their fine work in uncovering these alleged violations and bringing them to our attention. The charges filed today are the direct result of the cooperation and professionalism displayed by the Clerks Office throughout the entire investigation.”

And that thoroughness led to five arrests, three for at least one Class 3 Felony and two for multiple Class 3 Felonies, including forgery and perjury.

The five charged are Thomas E. Wojciechowski, Colleen A. Kirchoff, Adam P. Butler, and Darrick and Amy Kent.

The official statement notes that “Of the five cases, three (Wojciechowski, Kirchoff, and Butler) allege that the defendant attempted to cast a ballot for someone other than themself. The other two cases (Darrick and Amy Kent) allege that the defendant claimed that they had lived at a DuPage County address for thirty days or more prior to the election when in fact they had not.”

Now, I’m sure there are more than a few of you noting that five cases of voter fraud aren’t a whole hell of a lot. And you’re most certainly right. It’s not.

This “infinitesimal percentage,” as Berlin calls it, isn’t enough to overturn much of anything and certainly not a general election where it is claimed that Biden won by millions over Trump.

However, that’s not exactly the point.

As Berlin says, “The very foundation of our country is built upon fair and free elections. Elections are a sacred duty and while the five defendants charged today represent an infinitesimal percentage of the 491,067 votes cast in the 2020 general election it is important that anyone suspected of attempting to interfere in any way in the election process be investigated and charged where appropriate.”

Unfortunately, not all of the country feels this way.

For far too many, including the Supreme Court and Congress, allegations of fraud were pretty much ignored.

Take the case Senators Ted Cruz from Texas and Josh Hawley of Missouri made to Congress. Along with several other Republican members of Congress, the pair had heard of the vast number of alleged fraud cases like everyone else. And so, like any good lawmaker, they wanted to investigate to know the truth.

They asked for a ten-day emergency audit of election results in several key states. Before they could even present their case, they were denied by the powers that be in Congress, according to Forbes.

They weren’t saying they believed in all cases of alleged fraud. They weren’t even trying to get election results reversed, although I’m sure they wouldn’t have been upset about that.

They simply wanted to know the truth. Like Berlin said so well, if fraud happened, it should be dealt with.

But apparently, as long as the Democrats are getting the results they want, they don’t really care how it happened – the Constitution and its laws be damned.

Not only was Cruz and Hawley’s request for a brief investigation denied, but seven Democrats even went so far as to file formal ethics complaints against them, claiming that they “lent legitimacy to President Trump’s false statements about election fraud,” and in so doing also helped him to incite the violent January 6 attacks at our nation’s capital.

I don’t know which is more ridiculous: that they could think that wanting fair elections is equal to violence and insurrection or that the results of the election would somehow change based on a few thousand voter fraud allegations.

In either case, their immediate and rather aggressive opposition to investigations doesn’t speak well for them.