According to the political left, allowing firearms in the hands of Americans is a very dangerous thing. They’d just as soon take them all away, claiming that it would make our communities safer for everyone. And if we are going to buy into that logic, we have to believe that stricter gun laws also make for safer neighborhoods.

So why is it then that there are more gun crimes in the cities with the strictest firearm regulations and policies than anywhere else?

Take Chicago, Illinois, for instance.

Here in the Windy City, gun laws have almost always been stricter than most other places. In fact, from 1982 until 2010, the city had an all-out ban on all firearms unless the weapon was registered with the Chicago Police Department. And yet, gun crimes still existed and in no fewer numbers.

Today, only New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have stricter gun laws than Chicago – and not by much.

But those laws don’t seem to be stopping much gun crime.

For example, in Chicago this past weekend, a total of 60 people were shot between the hours of 3 p.m. on Friday and 6 a.m. on Monday– one an 11-year-old girl.

As the Chicago Tribune points out, this continues the increase that seemed to begin in earnest in early 2020, no doubt, following the George Floyd riots. In April, when the outlet spoke to Jens Ludwig of the University of Chicago’s crime lab, they noted that homicides in the city had risen a whopping 55 percent since 2019 and gun-carrying had increased by some 110 percent, with nearly 70 percent of those carrying between the ages of 18 and 30.

But how can that many people be carrying guns, especially in a city and state where a Firearms Owner Identification Card is needed to purchase and carry either firearms or the ammunition needed to fire them?

Could it be that criminals are purchasing and using guns regardless of what the law says? Who would have thought such a thing possible, that criminals would disobey the law?

I mean, seriously. Could the liberal left be more dimwitted?

By the very definition of the word, criminals imply that they don’t really care about laws, state or federal, and should they be given the opportunity, will break them to get what they want, whether that be revenge or money and power.

Common sense would tell us then that it doesn’t really matter what laws you put in place or how strict you make them. Someone with no regard for the law will get a gun simply because they want one, not because the rules say it’s ok or not.

This means that gun laws, or really any law, for that matter, while they can be used to catch and punish them, isn’t really for the criminal. They are for law-abiding citizens who respect the rule of the land the leadership that passes them.

Gun laws should be put in place to protect those people. And making guns nearly impossible to carry legally does the exact opposite.

As we’ve already established, a criminal will find a way to get the weapon of their choice no matter what the law says. On the other hand, a law-abiding person won’t, which leaves them utterly defenseless in the face of tragedy – especially after the same clueless left has effectively tied up law enforcement’s hands.

The fact of the matter is that strict gun laws make our communities less safe, as we are left without the protection needed to defend ourselves and what is rightfully ours.

And taking a look at cities like Chicago only proves this, particularly when looked at in comparison to communities with not-so-strict gun laws.

For instance, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire have been rated as the top three safest states to live in since 2017. And since that year, all three have been Constitutional Carry states, which means no permit is needed to carry a loaded gun.  

Liberals would love to say that this would make a community less safe, but crime rates tend to drop drastically when everyone knows that anyone could be carrying a gun. And Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine prove it.

Meanwhile, in Chicago and New York, it’s pretty much a given that only criminals carry weapons, and so the likelihood of them being able to get away with whatever they want is much, much higher.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that’s just the way the Democrats want it…