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Since the late May death of George Floyd and the subsequent and near nationwide calls to “defund the police,” television and media networks from coast to coast have been pretty consistent in following the cues of a nation amid civil unrest.

Everywhere we have seen longtime favorites such as Law and Order (in just about any variety), Criminal Minds, and CSI drop viewers or begin to change their messaging to fit the narrative the left would have you believe. Even Paw Patrol, an animated kids’ show that paints the main characters as positive and helping law enforcement personnel, was nearly canceled.

And that’s precisely why it’s so nice to see that some shows aren’t changing just because someone is offended and tells life as it really is.

Enter the CBS crime drama, “Blue Bloods.”

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s about an Irish-Catholic family who lives in New York City and has a long tradition of being on the law and order side of the law. Frank Reagan, the head of the family, played by longtime favorite actor Tom Selleck, is also the New York Police Commissioner.

Friday aired the show’s season 11 premiere episode titled, “Triumph Over Trauma,” which does exceptionally well at describing the current atmosphere in several major cities around the US and relations with the police. In particular, is the far left idea that all police are somehow criminal in thought and heart and that as a result, they should be done away with or at the very least defunded.

In the episode, City Council Speaker Regina Thomas, played by the former queen of comedy Whoopi Goldberg, suggests what many throughout the nation have, that the entire department be “repurposed” and the city begin the process of defunding the police.

Now, in reality, NYC, under the never-reliable and socialistic leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio, has already done this, cutting both budgeting and personnel from the city’s “finest.”

But let’s get back to fiction.

As one could imagine, the suggestion that Reagan’s office, as well as the thousands of men and women serving under him, be simply cast aside like so much garbage doesn’t go over well. And so, the argument on the issue continues throughout the episode.

One of the first happens in Reagan’s office, where the two butt heads in quite an aggressive manner.

It is Thomas’ opinion that Reagan’s entire outfit is filled with criminals, which she rather bluntly states, and as such, the NYPD needs to be put “on trial.”

Reagan then says that if that’s going to be the case, then “everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense, even my people.” He then goes on to say, and quite truthfully, I might add, “Every single cop is being painted with the same brush. And when anyone in my rank and file conducts themselves in a way that is not worthy of the uniform, they get dealt with.”

From there, the conversation gets a little heated, with Reagan finally saying that Thomas needs “to get your head out of you’re a–,” but he cuts himself off and apologizes. But not before pretty much saying what every right-minded person in the nation is saying.

Later the two argue again, this time in Thomas’s office. Here, the conversation is a little more docile and more on the lines of what the two can do together to accomplish compromise or at least peace for the moment.

Reagan acknowledges that the city, and in reality, the nation, “is divided into two camps who are just shouting past each other.” Neither is listening to the other; they just want to make sure they are heard.

As usual, the left, portrayed by Thomas, insists that Reagan needs to get his “guys to deescalate.” However, Reagan and those in charge of law enforcement already have. When Thomas finds this out, she suggests letting “people of color” know that.

Reagan replies, “I don’t think they’re gonna listen to me.” And that’s the kicker, isn’t it?

The left hasn’t realized that he’d already tried. But no one is listening. They are too wrapped up in screaming ever louder that they can’t hear that some of their demands are being met – not that it would be good enough.  

Law enforcement has shown that they are willing to make some changes; they are trying to root out the bad apples. But for the progressive left, who are just as racist as they claim these cops to be, they won’t be happy until there is no law enforcement and their cities are destroyed.

Too bad, it’ll be too late for them to crawling back.