Biden’s Connections to Racism Have Deeper Ties Than We Thought

As you well know, Democrats have purported themselves as the party of minorities for some time now, claiming that they alone hold the interests of those formerly and still oppressed close to their hearts. And Joe Biden, as one of the nation’s most well-known Democrats, has undoubtedly tried to assert this as truth. However, it […]

Unvaccinated West Point Cadets Placed in Solitary Confinement?

When a viable vaccine was found for the novel and sometimes deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the world rejoiced. And understandably so. Naturally, people from just about all walks of life rushed to get their vaccines as soon as they could. Just as naturally, the federal government and hundreds of local leaders and employers have encouraged anyone […]

Donald Trump to be Reinstated?

It has been assumed by many in recent months that we will soon hear news about Donald Trump running for the White House again in 2024. In fact, many of us have wondered why we haven’t heard such information yet. After all, it’s not like Trump lost by all that much or that Biden has […]

New Israeli PM Has a Two-Word Message for Biden: Wake Up

If there was ever a time for the Democrats of Washington D.C., specifically our president, Joe Biden, to wake up and realize what a horrible idea the Iran Nuclear Deal is and was, it is now. And that’s precisely the message the newly elected prime minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, is trying to make Biden […]

So Harris Is a Bully After All…

It has been alleged that Vice President Kamala Harris got to her seat of power by what could be called unsavory or ill-gotten means. Yes, she worked hard to get there, of that, I have no doubt. After all, she is black and a woman, meaning she likely had to work at climbing the political […]

Nebraska Vows to Help Texas Fight Biden’s Border Crisis

While a crisis of any kind is never a good thing, it can be used to teach us invaluable lessons, meaning good can come out of it. And the crisis at our nation’s southern border with Mexico, which is becoming affectionately known as “Biden’s Border Crisis,” is no different. While Democrat President Joe Biden and […]

Obama’s Ethics Official Rips Biden Admin for Nepotism Scandal

Remember back when Democratic President Joe Biden campaigned for the White House, and he promised he would be vastly different and supposedly better than Donald Trump at the job? I specifically remember him pledging to do things differently. He said he would bring diversity to the White House. He promised no nepotism. And he said […]

Vaccine Lottery Now Aimed at Kids…

As you’ve likely heard, “vaccine lotteries,” as they are known, have become all the rage in recent weeks and months. From its name, you can probably guess what it’s all about. Essentially, should you agree to receive at least one dose of the novel COVID-19 vaccine, the state or local government hosting the event will […]

Every Utah Sheriff Signs Letter Promising to “Prepare for Potential Violence”

In the last six months, our nation’s leaders have done much in the attempt to cripple the American people. From allowing mass migrant crossings at our southern border to suggesting we do away with the filibuster in Congress, it seems the left is determined to infringe upon the individual freedoms of our citizens. Nothing proves […]

Senate Launches Plan to Create Votes Just for Dems

Certain discussion topics seem to pop up every few years in politics, namely when the political left has some sort of majority. And at the top of the list is the possibility of making Washington D.C. a full-fledged state. Now that Democrats have assumed control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of […]