Arizona Sheriff Says Biden’s Allowed High-Speed Human Smuggling Roads in America

For those at America’s southern border with Mexico, things have always been a little bit problematic. Migrants, legal or otherwise, have been crossing the border for just about as long as anyone can remember, searching for a better life for themselves and their families. But over the years, as America has become an international leader […]

Montana Governor Claims He’s a Neanderthal?

If you haven’t heard, a few states are beginning to return to normal. And by normal, I mean schools are back open, businesses have no limits, and masks are a thing of the past. The first was Texas. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true, as North Dakota, with their conservative Governor Kristi Noem, never […]

Sign That the End is Near… Cuomo is Forced to Lawyer Up

If you have been paying any attention to New York recently, you’ll likely know that their corrupt governor, Andrew Cuomo, is about to lose his job, just as he’s already lost any and all respect or admiration. Once seen as the media darling of the COVID pandemic and its handlings, it is now fairly common […]

Squad Member Introduces Amendment to Lower Voting Age

Do you remember yourself at 16? Just starting out in life and ready to take on the world? If you were anything like I was, having a car and driver’s license was just about everything, oh, except for boys… Freedom was finally mine for the taking. I mean, I was practically an adult, right? And […]

GA House Makes Changes to Election Process to Ensure 2020 Never Happens Again

It’s no secret at this point that America’s faith in our voting processes, particularly after the 2020 presidential and Congressional elections, is failing. For many, this is due to claims from former President Donald Trump and others who claim that voter fraud was so prolific that it impacted the result of the elections, both presidential […]

45 Law Enforcement Officers Shot in 2 Months…

2020 was a pretty rough year, pretty much for everyone and everything. And we all chalked it up to just that… a lousy year. We couldn’t wait for it to be over and to get on with our lives, forgetting about the pain and misery left in the wake of the new decade. But so […]

Dr. Seuss Canceled by His Own Business…

For decades now, March 2nd has been a day filled with green eggs and ham, whimsical creatures, and the reading of countless children favorites as it is the birthday of the iconic author and illustrator known as Dr. Seuss. However, this year, on what would have been his 115th birthday, it was announced that a […]

What’s This About Student’s Missing from School?

If you look just about anywhere these days, you’ll see a national conversation about schools and whether they should or should not open back up for in-person learning. You’ll hear things about the risk to children and even those who live with them being minimal. You’ll hear the argument that virtual or online learning is […]