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For years and years, decades really, feminism (in terms of women’s rights and equality in the workforce) has been deemed a leftist ideal. No, that doesn’t mean conservatives don’t want women in the workforce or for them to have equal rights as men.

However, the political left has done an excellent job of seemingly claiming the movement as their own.

Quite naturally, this has led to the belief by many that conservatives and those who vote in opposition to progressive movements, such as former President Donald Trump, are somehow against women and everything they stand for.

But as conservative commentator and podcast host Candace Owens purports, Trump is far from anti-feminist. In fact, if anything, he is one of the strongest supporters of women’s rights in the modern world.

She explained this by talking about the very liberal trend to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports. And, of course, by noting that Trump is very much against this “insanity.”

She tweeted on Sunday, “If you guys are wondering what actual feminism is, it’s Donald Trump having the courage to stand up on stage and call out the insanity of biological men dominating women’s sports. He never kowtows to the Left.”

What she’s referring to is his Saturday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC in Orlando, Florida. During the speech, he took a stand against transgender sports or at least the now legal – thanks to Biden – that men are allowed to play as women in women’s sporting competitions and events. He stated that the allowance of such as “not good for women.”

And he’s entirely right.

Thanks to this recent trend, men are quite literally taking over women’s sports, outperforming them in just about anything and everything. The nation’s top woman cyclist is now a man. One of the best woman’s MMA fighters – a biological man.

And that’s only the beginning.

Now, I’m sure there are those of you out asking about hormones and how the transgender female is given a particular dose of these that is supposed to “equalize” the playing field. And they do somewhat. But often, it’s not for a full year or two after these hormones are introduced.

A study in December of 2020, for example, confirms that most transgender women still have an athletic edge over their competitors up to a full year later. And when it comes to running ability, that edge is often seen as long as two full years afterward.

Plus, it’s not like these hormones can change the height or generally larger physical dimensions of a biological male that often puts them at such an advantage.

Of course, Owens’ tweet didn’t exactly go over very well with left, and neither did her tweet that soon followed, which only doubled down on her opinion on both transgender sports and Trump and offered a “non-apology” for both.

Then she even went a step further by saying that Trump was a “feminist icon” and more so than “any woman breathing” who currently purports the leftists’ ideals that men and women are the same.

As many others have, she thinks of the whole thing as a way to essentially “erase what it means to be a woman.”

We can’t say “him” or “her” any longer. It is “they” and “their.” There are not “mothers” or “fathers,” only parents.

It essentially takes everything that makes a woman special, unique, and incredible and says it isn’t – because now they are no different than men. Feminism, true feminism, is dying out, just like women’s sports, being run over by the bus that is the transgender movement.

It will be only by those like Trump and Owens that women will succeed. Feminism recognizes that women are different from men, both genetically and physically, and that’s ok. It notes that those differences make us better suited for specific tasks, just as men seem to be better at other things, like sports.

However, it doesn’t mean women can’t participate in those things – there just needs to be a notable difference. If not, then we end like women’s sports have, with women being classified as equal but still coming in second time after time.

If this trend is allowed to continue, then all the work real feminists have worked so hard for in past decades will have been lost – all for a man to call himself the champion of women’s sports.