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If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Democratic California Governor is actively trying to get himself removed from office. Not only has he created a place of tyrannical laws and regulations for law-abiding citizens just trying to live their lives and stay above water in this pandemic, but now it seems he’s intent on letting those that don’t abide by the laws a chance at once again roaming the streets to prowl on the innocent.

And let’s just say it’s creating even more enemies for Newsom.

The latest is Republican Orange County, California district attorney Todd Spitzer, who is outright defying the liberal governor now over recently announced plans to give early release to some 76,000 state prisoners in the coming weeks and months.

Newsom, along with Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon, is apparently introducing a “credit system” of sorts to the state’s prisons that is designed to reward prisoners for “good behavior” and give them credits. This credit can then be used to provide prisoners such benefits as an early release.

According to Dana Simas, spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said, “The goal is to increase incentives for the incarcerated population to practice good behavior and follow the rules while serving their time and participating in rehabilitative and educational programs, which will lead to safer prisons. These changes would help to reduce the prison population by allowing incarcerated persons to earn their way home sooner.”

And that is precisely the problem for Spitzer.

While encouraging good behavior on the inside is all well and good, the problem is, first and foremost, that the credits don’t always have much to do with good behavior. According to Spitzer, credits are given out for things just like being alive.

“This is not about good credit. This is about not being bad. You get these credits just if you breathe air.”

Another problem with the idea, and a much more serious one is that some system of credit on the inside isn’t going to stop anything terrible from happening once these men and women, many of whom are career criminals, with two, three, or more strikes against them, are released.

It is noted that of the 76,000 inmates who would be eligible for Newsom’s “credit system,” 63,000 are violent and repeat felons, all of whom could soon be released back into neighborhoods all over the state or the country.

And that’s just the start of the issue.

According to Spitzer, ideas like this have been being pushed in the state for decades now, thanks to overcrowding in California’s prisons and jails. And apparently, the left’s plan to fix those high populations is to simply release more criminals and close down prisons.

In fact, if all goes as planned for Newsom, the Deuel Vocational Institution in San Joaquin County will be closed by October. And the California Correctional Centers in Susanville will close its doors for good by early 2022.

Meanwhile, crime rates are worse than ever throughout the state, for everything from petty theft and fraud to property damage and violent crimes.

It would be one thing if crime in the state were going down. After all, that’s kind of the whole goal of the justice system right – to punish crime so that it becomes less and less of a problem?  In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have any prisons or jails because there wouldn’t be any crime.

But we clearly don’t live a perfect world, no matter how much liberals like Newsom want to act like it is – that is unless you forget to wear your mask somewhere…

And that’s precisely why those like Spitzer have every right to be upset about what’s going on in his state. He told “Fox & Friends” on Monday, “Governor Newsom is very proud that he’s going to close two prisons in California. We’re one of the most dangerous states in the nation and the agenda is to end mass incarceration.”

He added, “They are trying to bring this woke agenda to Orange County, California, and I won’t have it… California is out of control, and the rest of the nation needs to wake up.”

At least someone is willing to stand against the tide.