South Bend, Indiana’s former mayor Pete Buttigieg might have become somewhat of a household name in the last year or so, but one thing’s for sure: It’s not because of his successes.

In fact, the newly nominated Department of Transportation head is instead more known for his failures.

You know, like that of the 2020 presidential race. Or the fact that Biden chose a man whose city was named the worst in the nation when it came to road conditions and the sheer number of potholes in the streets as his secretary for all things transportation-related.

Most of us in our right mind would likely say that a man who fails to keep up the roads in his city shouldn’t be put in charge of all streets nationwide. Then again, it’s become painstakingly apparent that logic is not what runs the White House under the current administration’s tenure.

But I digress.

Buttigieg’s most recent failure, however, just might be the most telling of all.

As the confirmation process to officially become DOT Secretary continues, Buttigieg has made all sorts of appearances and comments on transportation issues in recent days, unsurprisingly with current COVID regulations as a significant priority.

And during a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week” with host Martha Raddatz, Buttigieg actually admitted that mask mandates on a national level have nothing to do with fact, science, logic, or really even safety. Instead, wearing a mask is all about “respect.”

He said, “One thing I want to emphasize is, safety, of course, considers to be top consideration. And a lot of Americans will be traveling for the first time. That also means, for the first time in a while, maybe encountering flight crews and flight attendants and other transportation workers. Remember what they have been through, what they have been doing to keep you safe, and make sure to show some appreciation and respect to everybody….”

As you might know, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently came out with new guidance saying that those who have been vaccinated don’t need to wear masks anymore. However, the DOT, as well as TSA, still say masks are required by anyone over age two attempting to use any form of public transportation, whether that be an airplane, bus, Amtrak, train, etc.

In fact, the rule saying as much was just extended. Initially, the mandate was supposed to expire on May 16. But now, thanks to Biden’s insistence of masks everywhere, that has been extended to September 13.

Additionally, several airlines, including Southwest and American Airlines, have banned the sale of alcohol on their flights until that same day. According to NPR, Southwest says a “recent uptick in industry-wide incidents of passenger disruptions inflight.” Apparently, the airlines see alcohol as an accelerant to these issues.

During the interview, Buttigieg couldn’t really explain either the federal mask mandate or the recent ban on alcohol regarding transportation – no doubt, something the head of DOT should be able to do. Instead, all he could do was talk about the need for respect to “flight crews and other workers you encounter.”

He said, “But just remember that flight crews and other workers you encounter, they’re doing their job. They’re following regulations and they’re there to keep you safe. It is absolutely unacceptable to ever mistreat a transportation worker, and of course, there is very serious fines and enforcement around that. It’s a matter of safety but it’s also a matter of respect. And as we get back and as we’re so thankful to get back to the skies, to get back on the road, to get back to loved ones, let’s make sure we are doing it in a way that we can all be proud of.”

Now, he does have one point; it’s never ok to mistreat a transportation worker just because you don’t like the rules they are trying to enforce.

But in making such a point, Buttigieg has failed to hold to the leftist narrative that masks are really needed for safety. Instead, he admits that, at this point, it really all about virtue signaling about safety, pretending as though you care about other’s health to keep everyone happy and not offended.

And just like that, the narrative that the left is “following the science” goes out the window…