If you listen to any true Black Lives Matter member or leader, you’ll likely hear rhetoric on how all white people are racist to their very core, even if they don’t think they are. But more than that, you learn that all US and westernized society systems, from law enforcement and health care to the judicial courts and everything in between, are also inherently racist, as our white forefathers created them.

They’ll go on about the struggles of Black Americans and how they never get a fair shake at anything in life, no matter how well off or “privileged” they seem to be.

But after looking at one member of BLM, in particular, I have to say it’s becoming harder and harder to believe these are anything but excuses for them to constantly be seen as the victim and never take responsibility for their actions.

I introduce to you BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

If her name sounds familiar to you, it’s most likely because of her infamous claim to being a “trained Marxist” as well as the recent revelation that she owns not one but three luxury homes, amassing a $3.2 million real estate portfolio.

According to the April article detailing her wealth of homes, one home is worth some $1.4 million and is located in the high-class, gated community of Topanga Canyon, California. It was noted that Topanga Canyon has a population that is 88 percent white and a black population of about two percent.

Naturally, she claimed she owned the home as well as two others in equally nice communities for her family. “For so many black folks who are able to invest in themselves and their community, they choose to invest in their family, and that’s what I have chosen to do.”

But when it was pointed out that a family of one mother, one father, and one child doesn’t realistically need three separate homes with some 12 bedrooms and nearly just as many bathrooms between them, she switched her tactics.

Her excuse then became that she deserved to be paid for her hard work in her organization. “Organizers should get paid for the work that they do.” And yes, they should. But so much so that they can buy $3.2 million in real estate over a couple year span, plus have brand new vehicles and all the other amenities you could dream of?

I think not.

Sometimes, when asked about her amassed wealth, she refuses to even give an excuse, spouting off how it shouldn’t be anyone’s business but her own. Either that or that asking about it at all is an invasion of her privacy and, therefore, just another way white America is terrorizing minorities.

Of course, I think her latest excuse is the best, and by best, I mean the most ridiculous.

In a May 8 piece for NPR, Khan-Cullors shared a 44-minute story on the racism of the American real estate market. Yes, that’s right. She is now claiming there is a “history of racism inside the housing market,” and therefore, her homeownership is a “way to disrupt white supremacy.”


She tells the story of DonnaLee Norrington, a black Los Angeles resident who recently was able to buy a home and secure a mortgage. But as Khan-Cullors explains, this is “an increasingly rare” story for black Americans, as severe inequalities in the real estate field still persist, even with such practices like redlining and intimidation now illegal.

Of course, she blames this on the system as a whole, saying that while the Fair Housing Act of 1968 “recognized segregationist practices like redlining to be unconstitutional,” it did nothing to atone for the “foundationally racist landscape on which homeownership in America was built.”

But wait, if the system is so racist, then how did she, a black woman, manage to secure not one but three homes in the past few years? Are she and Norrington just lucky that way?

I think not.

Instead, Khan-Cullors is just proving that she will say whatever she thinks she needs to in order to keep up the narrative that she is a victim here, regardless of how much money she makes or homes she owns. Never mind the fact that the real victims are all those who have fallen for her lies and “supported” her business in the hopes that she will make their lives better.