As we all know, Black Lives Matter did a spectacular job promoting Joe Biden this year – and the assumed president-elect knows it. Throughout the nation, BLM succeeded at causing riots, chaos, and general destruction.

And yet, somehow, they still managed to convince people that the division and hate could all be lain at the feet of President Donald Trump.

To say that Biden owes them a debt is likely the understatement of the century.

And yet, it seems Biden has done little to repay that debt or make a place for them in his administration.

Sure, sure, he made sure to appoint a female “of color” as his vice president. And he has done an excellent job of making sure his cabinet is diverse, if not wholly unqualified.

But it seems BLM wants more than just a nod in their direction.

And according to several of their leaders, they aren’t getting it. Hell, the group hasn’t even been given a meeting with Biden or his vice president yet.

Additionally, the group isn’t pleased about several of Biden’s picks for his would-be cabinet and staff.

According to ABC News reporters Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson, “Black Lives Matter from Los Angeles, South Bend, Indiana, Rhode Island and Chicago have joined forces to oppose a slate of candidates from any cabinet position with the Biden Administration.”

It seems that while Biden’s cabinet is most certainly diverse, it is underqualified and includes several individuals with who BLM appears to have a problem with.

South Bend’s BLM leader Jordan Geiger noted in a joint video call on Tuesday, “We urge the rejection of our former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo for transportation secretary or any other Cabinet position in the administration.”

Geiger pointed out that each of these names had “a long history of using the machinery and mechanisms of government to advance systematic racism.”

At the top of this unsatisfactory list is former South Bend Mayor and failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Geiger continued, ranting about the problems Buttigieg failed to fix or even created for their city, beginning with his apparent racism. According to him, under Buttigieg’s reign, less than one percent of the city’s business contracts were given to black owners. The police department was unproportionately white, and even homeless shelters were forced to turn blacks out into the streets.

“South Bend residents know very well that in addition to our former small-town mayor being completely unqualified for a Cabinet agency, Pete would continue his record of hurting black communities every day in his decision-making process.”

It was also noted that under Buttigieg, the city became the pothole capital of the nation. Literally.

According to the South Bend Tribune, the year 2018 was the worst the city had ever seen as far as pothole-related auto repairs go. It was noted that “lines of vehicles awaiting repair for pothole-related damages nearly every day.”

In fact, Domino’s Pizza even awarded the city with their $5,000 “Paving for Pizza” grant due to the great multitude found inside city limits. The popular eatery named the city the single worst in the entire state.

Buttigieg’s successor, James Mueller, even used the former mayor’s failures in this area as part of his campaign. According to Fox News, his platform read, “I will commit to improving the city’s response times to road hazards like potholes and seek new materials that will last longer through our harsh weather conditions.”

Not exactly something you want to see on the resume for the Department of Transportation’s new head, huh?

But as Geiger said, Biden must be unconcerned with actual qualifications or even racism.

Instead, it’s diversity that matters. While Buttigieg might have been thrown out based on his outward appearance alone, he is an open homosexual. And apparently, that’s all that’s needed to make it to the White House these days, at least for the progressive left.

Thankfully, not everyone chooses to look at diversity alone. Even BLM is throwing rocks at this choice.

And if Biden wants to have a smooth four years in office, he had better pay attention to what BLM wants. As we all know, they could make his life hell if they wanted.